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Flood Lights with Hidden CCTV Recording

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These Security Flood Lights with built in hidden CCTV Camera's offer an affordable & simple solution to increase your security.

They record either photos or video footage (dependant on your personal settings) onto standard SD Cards (or in some cases built in memory) and when programmed can record continuoulsy over-writing previous recorded data, only ever being viewed in the event of a crime or accident.
The video's are viewed by either plugging the light system into your computer via standard USB cables (supplied) or by simply fitting the SD card straight into your computer.
We even have:
1) CCTV Flood Lights that have a recordable message that can be played back to visitors or intruders.
2) A CCTV Flood Light with wireless transmission back to a small recording device complete with viewing screen that can be located inside the house for even more convenient security.

These CCTV Security Light Systems are used for both added Security & Safety.

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