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Fold Down Parking Posts & Bollards

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'New' Fold Away Parking Post

'New' Fold Away Parking Post

Our New 620Y fold down post actually Folds Away into the base when not in use, this leaves the ground totally safe & flush, with no hazards to trip over or obstacles to damage tyres, ideal for locations that are open to the public.

Fold Down Parking Post

We sell a range of Fold Down (or hinged) Parking Posts to suit all types of applications, they include parking posts with flat and spigot bases to suit different surfaces.
There is also the option of integral locks or padlocks.

We now offer a full installation package, please see the details in the link located in related products on each product.

More Information

More Information

Fold Down 'Parking Posts' are very popular due to the fact that when the posts are not being used, they simply lay flat onto the ground.
Depending on what module is chosen they lock in the upright position by either a padlock or built in integral lock.
Ideal for protecting your car parking allocation, when security is not the main focus.
We wouldn't recommend these type of posts for security applications.
The Fold Down Posts/Bollards are quick and easy to install, there are two basic methods to choose from, depending on which type suits your application.
The first type is simply bolted onto the ground using heavy duty bolts and rawl plugs, these can be purchased from all DIY stores or a corner hardware store. This method is suited for concrete floors.
The second method is having a Post/Bollard with a small spigot underneath the base plate, this is approximately 300mm long, and is fixed into a small hole using concrete or post mix, suited for tarmac, gravel surfaces.
If you are not sure, please call us for advice.

Article Discussing Fold Down Posts & Bollards

Article Discussing Fold Down Posts & Bollards

An article discussing the general benifits & attributes of Fold Down Parking Post & Bollards which may be of interest to our customers who are considering to purchase one.Click Here

Need Help?

Need Help?
Fold Down Parking Posts
These parking posts/bollards are locked into the upright position when being used, and folded flat on the floor when not being used, these are also generally easy to fit. The biggest benifits are that when you do not need them you just lay them flat on the floor, you don't have to worry about where to store them, the down side is that there is a post on the floor that could potentially be driven or tripped over.

What Fold Down Parking Post Suits Me !!
Type of Lock
1) Intergral Lock, these are built into the post, the benifits are that you don't have to find somewhere to keep your lock when the post is not being used and that it is not as far to bend down to use, the downside is that should the lock get damaged or vandalized you will be looking at a new parking post.
2) Padlock, these are discuss padlocks in general, very easy to use and reliable, the benifits in general are that you can easily replace the lock at any time in the future, this may be needed through vandalism or perhaps because someone has a copy of the key, the downside is that you have to store the padlock somewhere when the post is not being used (some times it is possible to lock it onto the flat post).

What Type Of Base!!
1) Flat Base, these are flat plates with four holes in them, you simply bolt the post down into concrete, it is advisable to secure the bolts with weld, glue etc. The benifits are they are easy to fit, the downside is that you need a concrete base (this can be already there or small bases can be made using cement into tarmac & gravel.
2) Spigot Base, these are small steel spigots approximately 300mm in length, they are very simple and secure to install, simply dig a hole about 300mm cube, drop the post in and back fill using cement or post mix. It is a good idea to drill the spigot and fit some steel scrap bars into the post which help anchor the post into the cement.
3) Fold Away Base, this base is designed to be submerged into the ground leaving a flush finish, the post when not in use folds neatly & safely into the base together with a lid that fully covers the ground, ideal for locations open to the public.

Can We Install The Posts Ourselves!!
There are two types of installation when installing parking posts:
1) Bolt Down, this method is simply fixing the post onto your concrete floor using four suitable bolts & plugs, provided you have a drill, drill piece and suitable bolts this can be done very easily.
2) Short Spigot: this type of post has a small spigot of approximately 300mm in length, it requires a small hloe to be dug in the ground of about 300mm cube, then backfilled with cement, if you have the tools to dig this small hole and the means to mix cement or (post mix) it is an easy job to do.

Still Confused !!
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