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Indoor & Light Outdoor PIR Motion 3000E System (004-0070)

Indoor & Light Outdoor PIR Motion 3000E System (004-0070)
Product Ref : WIRWR-3000E
PIR located on a wall.Close up view of a PIR.IR-3000 PIR with part mask still on, this is used to adjust the width of beam.IR-3000 PIR Opened Up (showing boards & location of the PP3 battery)Sideview of the WR-3000 ReceiverInside The ReceiverReplacement PP3 Battery.
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Ref: WIRWR-3000E

This battery powered wireless PIR system is designed for detecting people & vehicles either inside nearby buildings or in sheltered outdoor locations whilst still using the complete range of other Dakota driveway & perimeter alarms.

Perfect for protecting rural garages, sheds, kennels etc.

With the market leading wireless transmission range of 900 metres, this passive infrared detector is able to monitor an area up to a maximum 100º wide but is easily reduced by using the simple integral mask.
With the swivel mount, the PIR sensor can be adjusted right to left up to 80º and up and down up to 50º. With three different sensitivity settings, the PIR sensor can detect a person up to 4 , 8 & 12 metres away.

The 4 channel receiver has 4- built in chimes, 4 x timed dry relay outputs (which can be used to activate dialers, sirens, lights, speech alarms and other accessories), a 12v DC output (to power sirens & flashing lights), a volume and on/off control and is powered by a plug in transformer using a standard 13-amp wall socket.
You can use as many additional receivers or pagers as you need for your application.

You can use as many additional detectors as you want to grouping them into the four different channels which each make a different tune and trigger a different relay. The additional detectors can be any type from this range including Outdoor PIR's, Vehicle Probes, Indoor PIR's, Gate Switches, Rubber Hoses, Push Buttons, Security Mats, Door Contacts, Temperature Sensors, Water Sensors, please feel free to ask for advice.
Each detector can be individually set to work with any of the four channels.

Receiver Specification:
Chimes: Classical, Westminster Chime, Ding Dong, Whistle
Relays: 4 x dry relays (rated to 24v DC.
Output: 1 x 12v DC output on channel one, activation time 6 seconds or 10 minutes.
Power Supply: Plug In Transformer.
Size: 150 (W) x 95 (H) x 33 (D) mm.
Mounting Method: Wall mounted, 2 recessed holes.

PIR Specification:
Detection Range: 4 - 8 - 12 metre.
Transmission Range: 900 metre (line of sight).
Power: 9v PP3 Battery (supplied).
Mounting Method: 2 x Screws & Swivel Bracket.
Size: 100 (L) x 75 (W) x 65 (D) mm.
Deptch including bracket: 100mm.
Battery Life: Approximately 6 - 12 months.
Beam Width: 0 - 100 degrees.

If you have doubts that the radio working range will not work in your location, ring to talk to us, we offer a full 'No Quibble' refund policy on this product.

Contact us for friendly, no obligation advice.

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