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KP GSM Auto-Dialer (005-0750)

KP GSM Auto-Dialer (005-0750)
Product Ref : 005-0750
Hard Wired Zone Terminals for the KP GSM Dialer & Output Relays.Hard Wired Zone Terminals for the KP GSM Dialer & Output Relays.Top View of the KP GSM Telephone Dialer.GSM KP Telephone Dialer.GSM KP Telephone Dialer(rear view).GSM KP Telephone Dialer.GSM KP Telephone Dialer.Power Supply for the KP GSM Auto-Dialer.
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Ref: 005-0750

This is one of the most versatile GSM Auto-Dialer we have found to date, it can be used as a stand alone GSM Dialer, GSM Wired & Wireless Alarm System and a GSM Power Failure, it will send text messages to 3 telephone numbers and call up to 5 numbers when activated.

This 12v DC powered GSM Auto-Dialer has 8 x Wired NO or NC inputs, a 12v DC and NO/NC outputs, a 240v AC output Relay and a 240v AC Relay designed to be triggered remotely by text message, there is not much it cannot do.

It is also very Easy to Program and Use, all you need is to fit a sim card into it (which has a good network signal at the location you intend to locate it).

Kit Includes:
1 x GSM Dialer.
1 x Power Adapter.
1x Back up Battery.
1 x Manual.

Size, not including aerial: 180 (w) x 120 (h) x 30 (d) mm.
Power Supply: 12v DC (max 2amps).
Delay Entry: Yes (optional & adjustable).
Delay Exit: Yes (optional & adjustable).
Emergency Input Triggers: Yes (optional & adjustable).
Aerial Height: 115 mm.
Weight: 550 grams.
Outgoing Text Messages: 3.
Outgoing Telephone Calls: 5.
Power Failure Operation: Yes (after 30 minutes) optional.
Watchdog Reporting Feature: Yes (optional).
Input Triggers: 8 wired NO or NC.
Two Way Communication: Yes.
Arm & Disarm Method:
Remote Control.
Text Message.

12v DC 60 seconds.
240v AC @ 3amps for 4 minutes or until turned off if before (on activation).
240v AC @ 3amps (remote text trigger).

Brief Descriptions:

8 x Wired Trigger Inputs: You can choose all 8 trigger inputs to be NO or NC, these can be connected to Alarm Panels, Security Detectors etc, each 8 channels can be set to either standard setting or emergency settings.

Delay Entry & Exit:You can select 0 - 90 seconds delay time between the GSM Auto-Dialer being triggered to it sending out the messages and telephone calls (any channel set to 24hr or SOS zone will trigger immediately).

Power Failure:When selected during programming, this system will send a text message to the first user when their has been a power failure for 30 minutes and another one when the power is restored (this only works when the GSM Auto-Dialer is turned on and armed).

Watchdog Reporting Feature:When selected during programming, the system will send a text message to the first SMS Alert Number stating system OK, the duration between these text messages can 0 - 240 hours (0 = OFF).

Two Way Communication:You can use the GSM Auto-Dialer as a telephone if you call it and you can listen into the location when it calls you after activation.

Arm & Disarm Method: The GSM Auto-Dialer needs to be turned on and armed for all input triggers with the exception of SOS & 24hour zones, this makes the unit very versatile. The system can be armed by:
1 x Built in Keypad.
2 x Remote Control.
3 x Text Message.
4 x Set Time (in programming).

SIM CARD: You can use either pay as you go sim cards or contract sim cards with this system (not included), we recommend you use a network card that has a good signal at the location you intend to use it.

Programming Method:Easy to use built in keypad.

Power Supply 12v DC up to 2amps:This GSM Auto-Dialer works from 12v DC and can draw up to 2 amps if all the outputs are being used when the Alarm is dialing out, a lot of applications will not use all (or any) of the available outputs therefore will not draw anywhere near as much current.

A very versatile GSM reporting Device that can cover a multitude of applications.

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