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800 metre Long Range Wireless Door Bells & Pagers

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Long Range Wireless Bell System Transmission Information

Long Range Wireless Bell System Transmission Information

One of the key issues when purchasing a Wireless Berll System is choosing a system with wireless capabilities to suit your enviroment.
You will always see the term 'Line of Sight' next to the advertised Wireless Transmission range, therefore understanding this industry standard measurement will help you decide which system to purchase.
Please read our comprehensive guide to this question by clicking on this link Advertised Wireless Transmission Range Explained

Long Distance 900 Metre External Doorbell System

Long Distance 900 Metre External Doorbell System

At last a Simple Long Distance Wireless Doorbell that actually works.
With a very impressive working range of 900 meters (line of sight), this battery operated wireless system is an ideal solution for remote entrances, gates, shops, the Heavy Duty Long range bell provides an excellent solution too for the commercial, industrial user providing a Commercial Wirless Doorbell at a very competative price, also with the Idustrial Wirless Doorbell the higher usage means that a sturdy construction is required, this system provides that solution with its brushed steel finish and large green button, not only does it look the part but it does the job too.

Designed because of constant requests from our customers who were looking for a simple bell system that actually works over distance, it has become a very good seller.

We also offer a popular wireless pager that can work together with our long range bell system or on its own which has a working range of 600 metres and has built in audible, vibration and visual alert plus a time and log stamped memory.

Wireless Doorbell Information

Wireless Doorbell Information

Using components from our long range wireless driveway alarm systems, we have been able to design an entrance or gate doorbell system with a very impressive working range of 900 metres (line of sight) that actually works.

This 'Long Range Wireless Doorbell System' was designed, due to the fact that were constantly being asked by customers who had tried all the systems being sold in the large high street home improvement stores with no success. This is a true wireless long-range door bell button system, with the ability to use up to four caller units going back to one receiver.

The outdoor weatherproof bell push button can be mounted inside or outside at the exact location that is required, without having to worry about the best position for transmitting radio signals. This bell button is connected to our universal wireless long-range transmitter by simple two-core bell cable, the length of the cable we supply as standard is three metres, but it can be extended upon request. The universal transmitter is then positioned in the most suitable location to suit sending a radio signal, it can be inside or mounted outside inside a weatherproof
plastic box. The universal transmitter is powered by a 9v PP3 battery.

The receiver is simply plugged into a 13-amp wall socket, and gives one of four chimes when the wireless signal is received. The receiver also has the ability to trigger an external siren or flashing stobe light, for customers who may be working away from the receiver or in a noisey enviroment. The receiver also has four dry relays that can be used to trigger all types of gadgets.

Our popular Wireless 4 Channel Portable Pager, that has an impressive working range of 600 metres (line of sight) and has built in audible, vibration & visual alerts plus a time and log stamped memory for customers who are on the move.
This pager can be used in conjunction with our long range wireless bell system or on its own.

Applications that our 'Long Range Wireless Door Bell System'has been used for so far:
Schools & Universities.
Stately Homes & Scottish Castles.
Factories including Warehouses, Whiskey Distilleries ect.
Shops & Rural Businesses.
Homes & Home Offices,(located at the rear of the properties).
Garden Centres.
Gate Entrances.

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Need Help?

Need Help?

Step 1:
Decide what type of push button would suit your application, we supply two systems that are identical apart from the size and looks of the external push button, one is a heavy duty design whilst the other is a slim brass button that would not look out of place on any home entrance.

Step 2:
Decide where the battery powered universal transmitter would fit, we supply it in a weatherproof plastic box allowing you to fit it anywhere. The ideal situation for wireless transmission is high and as clear line of sight back to the receiver as possible, but situations often mean that it is tucked away above a false ceiling, behind a wall etc, what ever suits your requirements. This universal transmitter is connected to the push button by 3 meters of bell cable as standard, you can request more upon purchasing from us, or you can lenghten & shorten the cable yourself.

Step 3:
Decide what you want to happen once a visitor has pressed the button, the options can be any of the following:
1) A Door Bell Chime.
2) An Internal or External Flashing Light (ideal for loud enviroments or customers with hearing problems).
3) An Internal or External 100 Db Siren (this could activate for 6 seconds or 10 minutes).
4) Trigger an Auto Dialer (you could have a system that calls a number of telephone numbers with a pre-recorded message).
5) Do you require more than one receiver (you can have as many as you require).
If you are not sure, and want advice please contact us by email, telephone or letter.

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