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Wireless Water Flood Alarm & Telephone Dialer System (008-0040)

Wireless Water Flood Alarm & Telephone Dialer System (008-0040)
Product Ref : DAK-WATER-4
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Protect your home & business from floods and water leaks before it's to late using this market leading wireless flood & leakage water alarm with an impressive range of 900 metres back to the receiver which is also connected to a telephone dialer that will call up to 9 pre-recorded numbers in the event of an activation.

This simple to use long range wireless flood alarm system comes with a telephone dialer that you can record your own personel message into and up to 9 telephone numbers, in the event of an activation the system will call each of the pre-recorded numbers one by one unless a person receiving the message presses # on their telephone.

The system comprises of:
1 x Water Bug Flood Sensor.
1 x Battery Operated Wireless Dakota UT Transmitter.
2 x Weatherproof Boxes (to house Water Bug & UT Transmitter).
1 x Dakota Receiver.
1 x Dialer.

The universal transmitter is positioned in a location above ground (away from flood) suitable for radio transmission and stored inside a weather proof box, because the UT transmitter is powered by battery it can be in very remote locations.
The water bug flood sensor is attached to the universal transmitter by its cable, positioned at the correct level to detect rising flood water before it is to late, it is housed in a plastic box protecting it from rain, (this box will have an opening at the bottom which rising flood water can enter).
The wireless Dakota receiver can be located up to 900 metres away (line of sight) in a dry location, it is powered by a transformer which is simply plugged into a standard 13-amp wall socket. The receiver has a built in adjustable chime, four dry relays and one 12v DC output allowing it to warn the home & business owner in many ways. This receiver is connected to the telephone dialer by simple 2 core cable (supplied).

The receiver can be used to operate:
Flashing Lights.
Speech Recorders.
Any many more.

Receiver Specification WR-3000E:
Adjustable Chime (from loud to nothing).
Chimes: Classical, Westminster Chime, Ding Dong, Whistle.
Relays: 4 x dry relays (rated to 24v DC).
Output: 1 x 12v DC output on channel one, activation time 6 seconds or 10 minutes.
Power Supply: Plug In Transformer.
Size: 150 (W) x 95 (H) x 33 (D) mm.
Mounting Method: Wall mounted, 2 recessed holes.
Wireless Working Range: 900 metres (line of sight).

Universal Transmitter (UT-3000E) Specification:
Dimensions 95 (L) x 63 (W) x 25 (D) mm
Power Supply: 1 x PP3 Battery.
Battery Life: Between 6 & 12 months,
Trigger Methods: NO & COM or NC & COM.
Frequency: 433 Mhz.
Wireless Working range: 900 metres (line of sight).

Water Bug Detector:
Base Size: 80 x 57 mm.
Pin Distance: 60 x 30 mm.
Cable Length: 4 metres (this can be increased).

Weatherproof Box:
Made from study plastic.
IP Rating: IP66
Size: 110 (W) x 110 (L) x 60 (D) mm.

Telephone Dialer:
Power Supply: 12v Plug In Transformer (supplied).
Method Of Programming: Built In Keypad & LCD Screen (for easy programming).
Telephone Connection: Cable (supplied).
Number Of Triggers: 2
Recordable Messages: 2 (each up to 10 seconds long).
Number Of Telephone Numbers That Can Be Programmed: 9.
Built In Siren: Yes (can be turned on or off as required).
Rear Tamper.
Size: 200 (D) x 120 (L) x 40 (D) mm.

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This water flood (leak Alarm) system can be used to protect homes, businesses, farms, animals, the list is endless.

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