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XL Wireless Alarm & Solar Powered Siren & Strobe ES (005-0350)

XL Wireless Alarm & Solar Powered Siren & Strobe ES (005-0350)
Product Ref : XL-Alarm 005-0350
XL Wireless Alarm PIR (passive infrared).Side view, of the Solar Powered Wireless Alarm Siren.Internal view, of the Solar Powered Wireless Alarm Siren.Wireless Alarm, Magnetic Door & Window Contact.XL Wireless Alarm, 4 - Channel Control Panel.XL Wireless Alartm, 4 - Channel Alarm Control Panel.Battery location for the XL Wireless Alarm Control Panel.Rear view, of the XL Wireless Alarm PIR.Inside view, of the Wireless Magnetic Alarm Contact.Solar Powered Wireless Alarm Siren & Flashing Strobe Light.
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This XL Wireless Alarm System-ES, is supplied with a Solar Powered Wireless Siren & Strobe Light, a 4-channel Alarm Receiver (with built in 100 decibel siren), 2 x Wireless PIR's & 2 x Wireless Magnetic Alarm Contacts, suitable for securing most types of small to medium buildings, holiday homes, workshops etc (or can be made far more comprehensive for larger type buildings).

This Wireless Alarm, is very easy and quick to install !!

The Solar Powered Wireless Siren & Strobe is powered by battery (and charged by the built in Solar panel), no cables are required making it fast and easy to install (always the biggest problem when installing an Alarm systems). It has a slow blue, flashing LED during standby, and supplies a chime during the disarming process. When activated the Wireless Siren triggers a rapid flashing LED and omitts a 100 decibels Siren, for the pre-determined duration (adjustable 30 seconds to 10 minutes) or until it is disarmed by a keyholder. If the Siren automatically turns off due to the pre-determined time period, the alarm will still be in the armed mode (and would trigger again in the event of a further activation).

The Wireless Siren & Flashing Strobe needs to be located in a clear location (not directly underneath eaves etc) ,as it requires daylight to carry out the charging process.

The internal Wireless PIR's are battery powered, and will detect a person from up to 13 metres away and transmit a wireless signal back to the XL Wireless Alarm Receiver up to 80 metres away. The PIR's are supplied with an adjustable wall mounting bracket, we would always recommend fitting them into a corner of a room (visible from an outside window) as this also creates a visual deterrent.

Wireless Magnetic Alarm Contact's are used to secure vulnerable Doors or Windows, the battery powered detectors would be installed to the the Door/Window & Frame using double sided tape (supplied). When the contacts are broken, a wireless signal will be transmitted back the XL Alarm Receiver.

Kit Included:
1 x XL Wireless Receiver.
1 x Power Supply (2-pin or 3-pin).
2 x Wireless PIR's.
2 x PP3 Batteries (for use inside the PIR's).
2 x Magnetic Contacts (including magnet, batteries & double sided tape).
1 x Solar Powered Wireless Siren & Flashing Strobe Light.
1 x Solar Siren Battery Set.
1 x Set of Manuals.

Up to 16 Wireless Alarm Detectors can be programmed into the XL Wireless Alarm Receiver, they can be set to both a full alarm mode or audible chime (dependant on the chosen mode of operation).

The 4-channel Wireless Alarm Receiver has a multitude of unique features (listed below) making it a very versatile Alarm System:

Built in 100 Decibel Siren (channels 1, 2 & 3).
Control Panel Siren Duration: 3 minutes or untill it is disarmed by a key-holder (the receiver remains armed if the siren switches off due to the 3 minute time lapse.
Control Panel has a Built in Audible Chime (channels 1, 2 & 3).
Control Panel has a Built in Audible 'Beep' (channels 1, 2, 3 & 4).
Control Panel has a Built in Keypad (for arming and disarming the alarm).
Control Panel has 3 x Alarm & Alert Channels (channels 1, 2 & 3).
Control Panel has 1 x Alert Channel (channel 4).
Each Control Panel Channel can learn 4 x Wireless Detectors into it.
Control Panel is powered by a plug in Transformer.
Battery Back-Up (option in the control panel).
Option to Turn OFF any individual Channel.
Control Panel, transmits to Wireless Sirens & Auto-Dialers.
Control Panel can be Armed & Disarmed using Built in Keypad, Remote Control & Wireless Keypads
Low Battery Warning.
Visual LED Notification.
Home Arm Option: (instant activation of the siren).
Away Arm Option: (45 audible second count down upon activation).

Mounting the Wireless Alarm PIR's:
The key to successful operation of a PIR is to select the best location. A PIR mounted in a unsuitable location has the potential to cause false triggers and reduce performance.

The main guide lines are:

1) Mount the PIR into a corner of a room, if possible visible from an outside window (this also creates a visual deterrent to a potential thief).
2) Avoid heat spots from bright lamps suddenly turning on or off.
3) Do not install immediately above a radiator.
4) Do not install in a glass roof conservatory.

Mounting the Magnetic Alarm Contact's:

1) Install the Magnetic Alarm contact to the top edge of the door or window (towards the hinge end) using double side tape (supplied).
2) Using the double sided tape supplied, attach the Magnet Alarm contact onto the door or window frame, when closed it needs to be very close to the magnetic contact (1 - 5mm).
3) Place the XL Wireless Receiver into chime mode, open the door or window to test the positioning of the Magnetic Contact & Magnet, if the receiver chimes when they are seperated, the positioning is correct.
4) Once you are satisfied with the positioning, finish the installation by fitting two screws (supplied) through the two holes in the magnet, into the door or window frame.
5) Please Note: the positioning of the Magnetic Conacts can vary on some doors or windows.

Mounting the Wireless Solar Siren:

1) Select the location for the Siren, it is advisable to mount it out of reach, to be visible to neighbours (and passing traffic & police patrols) have access to plenty of daylight (for efficient charging process) and on a good flat surface.
2) Remove the top cover (remove both side screws).
3) Plug in the battery connection.
4) Fit the 3 x AA batteries.
5) Program the Siren to the XL Wireless Alarm Receiver (this may have been done for you by Ultra Secure. please check the relevant documentation that was supplied).
6) Set the duration of the Siren activation (this may have been done for you by Ultra Secure. please check the relevant documentation that was supplied).
7) Temporary fit the Siren cover, place it down onto a flat surface, ensuring the tamper switch if depressed.
8) Activate the Siren to test, once triggered turn if off using the Alarm Receiver, after approximately 30-60 seconds.
9) Mount the Siren back plate onto the chosen wall, (ensure the back tamper switch is depressed by the wall).
10) Fit the cover, and secure the two side screws.

A large selection of accessories can be added to this Wireless Alarm System including PIR's, Magnetic Alarm Contacts, Water Sensors, Temperature Sensors, Remote Controls, Wireless Keypads, Auto-Dialers, Additional Sirens, Wireless Wall Sockets (please related products on the right hand side).

Specification Receiver:
Wireless Range: 80 metres (line of sight).
Channels Available: 4 (3 x Alarm/Alert & 1 x Alert).
Wireless Alarm Detectors Per Channel: 4.
Alarm & Alert Channels (1, 2 & 3).
Dedicated Alert Channel (4).
Alarm Options: 2 (Home & Away).
Built in Siren: Yes (100 Decibels, channels 1, 2 & 3).
Built in Chime: Yes (channels 1, 2 & 3).
Siren Duration: 3 minutes (or before if turned off by key-holder).
Power Supply: Plug in Transformer (2-pin or 3-pin).
Battery Back Up: Yes: 4 x AAA (not supplied).
Mute Button: Yes (on all channels).
Mounting Method: Wall or Desk.
Entry & Exit Delay Option: Yes (45 seconds).
Instant Entry Alarm Option: Yes (home arm only).
Built in Keypad: Yes (4-digit).
Low Battery Indicator: Yes (flashing red LED's on the receiver).
Built in Tranmitter: Yes (to activate optional sirens & auto-dialers).
Frequency: 433 Mhz.
Size: 125 (w) x 90 (H) x 30 (D) mm.

Solar Charged Wireless Siren Specification:

Size: 260 (H) x 260 (W) x 100 (D) mm.
Colour: Yellow & Blue.
Power Supply: Lithium Batteries & 3 x AA batteries (supplied).
Standby Flashing Strobe Light: Yes.
Siren Level: 100 Decibel.
Siren Duration: 30 seconds to 10 minutes (adjustable).
Tamper Switch: Yes.
Frequency: 433 Mhz.
Charging Method: Solar Panels.
Weight: 1 Kilo.
Can be used as a standalone Siren; Yes (with XL Accessories).

PIR Specification:

Dimensions: 90 (H) x 45 (W) x 65 (D) mm.
Weight: 60g.
Power Supply: 9v PP3 battery.
Working Frequency: 433Mhz.
Working Radio range: 80 metres (line of sight).
Detection range: 13 metres.
Working frequency is 433 MHz.
Mounting Method: Swivel adjustment.
Battery Life: 1 yr in most applications.

Magnetic Alarm Contact Specification:

Contact Dimensions: 80 (L) x 35 (W) x 20 (D)mm.
Magnet Dimensions: 58 (H) x 13 (W) x 9 (D) mm.
Weight: 30g.
Power Supply: 3v Lithium battery.
Working Frequency: 433Mhz.
Working Radio range: 80 metres (line of sight).
Battery Life: 12 - 18 months in normal applications.
Fixing Methods: Double sided tape or screws.

A is a very versatile Wireless Alarm System, that can be used in so many different ways !!

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