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DIY Wireless Alarm & Alert Home Security Systems

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Wireless Alarm MIX & MATCH

Wireless Alarm MIX & MATCH

It is a fact that 95% of Home Burglaries happen to houses that do not have a working Intruder Alarm with a percentage of the remaining 5% happening due to leaving doors and windows wide open etc.
This versatile Wireless XL Alarm System is suitable for small businesses, apartments, boats, caravans and most size homes and allows you to use a mixture of the wireless detectors ranging from PIR's, Magnetic Door & Window Contacts, Window Vibration Sensors, Garage Door Tilt Switches, Water Detectors, Temperature Monitors, Wireless Plug Sockets, External Wireless Sirens, Wireless Gate Kits & Emergency Alarm Auto-Dialers to suit your individual application.

Some of our customers purchase a basic system, and then slowly add to the system over the coming months.

You can also add additional Remote Controls and Sirens.

If you can't find a ready kit to suit your needs, you can purchase a basic kit and simply add the additional parts to your order.

If you require help, please call us for friendly, no obligation advice.

Home & Business Wireless Alert & Alarm Systems

Home & Business Wireless Alert & Alarm Systems

These affordable 4 - Channel Wireless Alarm & Alert systems inform the home & business owner to the presence of a visitor, burglar, or problems with water & temperature.
There is the largest choice of battery operated detectors available ranging from External & Internal PIR's, Magnetic Door & Window Contacts, Water Flood Detectors, Temperature Sensors, Wireless Sirens & Remote Controls, Emergency Auto-Dialers, Wireless Vibration & Tilt Switches all with a working radio range of 80 metres (line of sight). You can use up to 16 mixed detectors working with just one system.

This unique wirelesss alarm system has the abiltiy to use up to four PIR's outside working as a simple alert, even when the rest of the system has been turned on or off from the alarm zones.

This allows you to have an audible and visual alert any time of day from outside within your garden, entrance or driveway without going into full alarm. The other three zones can also act as an alert system whilst the alarm is turned off to protect you perimeter, water or temperature areas if desired, but then turn into a full alarm system when needed.

The receiver has a built in user keypad for easy setting of the alarm mode, back up battery power for power failures, built in 100 Db siren and easy remote control operation if required.



Ultra Secure Ltd offer a range of affordable 'Wireless Alert & Alarm Systems: that are an ideal way to alert home & business owners that they have a visitor (welcome or not).

With our unique wireless alarm & alert system, we can now offer a very versatile alarm system that allows business and home owners to have an audible and visual alert from up to 16 detectors for when a visitor arrives, and then with a simple press of a switch or remote control you can have 12 of the detectors in full armed condition that will trigger a 100Db siren or wireless voice dialer.
It is also possible to have a mixture of these 12 detectors ranging from PIR's, Door & Window Magnetic Contacts, Water Leakage Sensors and Temperature Senors. Whilst these 12 detectors are in the armed condition you can still utilize the 4 sensors that are still operating as an alert warning signal.
The wireless sensors & detectors are all battery powered and transmit using 433 Mhz.

The receivers plug into a standard 13-amp wall socket, and has 4 x AAA batteries as back up for any power failures and give an audible and visual alert when a detector sends a relevant signal, it also alllows you to distinguish between the four areas.
When the wireless alarm receiver is in the disarmed mode, you can select a chime, bleep or silent setting to allow you to have areas still covered, very popular with elderly customers or businesses with risk entrances.
When the wireless alarm system is in the armed home setting, all sensors and detectors will be working apart from the PIR's, this allows you to arm the perimeter of your home whilst still being able to fully move around.
The wireless alarm system has a 45 second exit delay when setting the system to full arm (away arm) and a 30 second entry delay allowing you full access to the wireless receiver for disarming.
You can arm and disarm the system using the built in 4-digit keypad or remote control.
The 4-digit code can be self set allowing you to have a secure easy to remember code.
This is a very unique wireless alarm system giving you the options to secure your home and business from Intruders, Water Leaks, Temperature Problems whilst giving you a visitor alert system.

Need Help?

Need Help?

Choosing the correct system !!
XL-80m System
Ultra Secure Ltd XL Alarm System is a very reliable & affordable alarm/alert system that is designed to secure any small - medium size house & business.

Detectors !!
Q) Choose what, where & how you want to detect !!
A) The PIR of the XL system is designed to be mounted at a height of 2 - 4 meters looking down towards the ground, or at a height of 1 metres looking accross the ground, ideally suited for home perimeter detection, the sensor has a fan pattern which can be narrowed using the Ultra Secure PIR Cover. The XL can also be used with door & window detectors, water & temperature detectors.

Q) Choose how many detectors you need.
A) You can have up to 16 detectors working on any receiver, utilizing the four channels we can have 4 sensors per channel, but it is important to understand that channel four on this system is only ever an alert system, the other three channels can be used as an alarm system with a PIR, or an alarm and/or alert system using the windown, water & temperature detectors.
A popular way to use this system is to have one or two PIR's outside on the wall of the house or garage set to channel four, these only ever chime, then have door and window sensors that can chime in the day but change to an alarm situation at night, please contact us for advice.

Q) Decide if it would be benificial to have a water or temperature detector within the system.
A) This system has the options for water sensors, temperature sensors together with the normal PIR's & Door Contacts, so you can be warned about water leaks, high or low temperatures together at the same time as having an alert or alarm system.

Q) Decide if you require a Window Vibration Sensor?
A) Vibration Sensors are good for large glass panes in doors & windows, if an intruder attemps to remove or smash the glass the alarm will be triggered before they have actually done the damage.

Q) Decide if you need a tilt switch fitting on a garage door ?
A) Up and over type garage doors can be very easy to force open, our wireless tilt switch will activate the alarm as soon as the door is opened, it is simply attached to the door by double sided tape.

Q) After the chosen detector or detectors have been activated and they have sent a wireless signal back to the receiver, what would you like to happen ?.
A) You can choose to have a chime/bleep or 100 Db siren coming from the receiver, dependant on which channel has been activated, and what type of detector has been triggered.

Q) Choose if you require any additional sirens or dialers connected to the receiver.
A) We can offer a choice of solutions using our XL Alarm System, please see below:
1) Trigger indoor & outdoor sirens, these are wireless activated and plugged into a standard 13-amp wall socket, no need for a cable between the receiver and siren allowing it to be located in the most suitable location, this may be outside on a wall, or inside hidden inside a garage of ceiling.
2) Trigger dialers, these will send out pre-recorded voice or text messages to a selected number of land line or mobile telephone numbers, it is wireless triggered similar to the siren, simply plugged into a standard 13-amp socket and telephone extension lead.

Questions To Ask Yourself!!
1) Would it be nice to have an alert if someone was outside the house or business, if so then our XL alarm system is one of the few systems that can give you this.
2) Would it be nice to have the option to have a chime, alert or alarm on any external door or window, if so the XL system will give you this.
3) Would it be benificial to have water & temperature problems detected before any damage has been done, if so our XL home security system is the perfect solution.
4) Would it be benificial to have the abitiliy to alarm garages & sheds near the house with either an alert or alarm, if so our XL security system will be a perfect solution.
5) Would it be benificial for a sensor outside a shed or garage to monitor intruders without setting of sirens, but then activating sirens if they proceed further to inside the buildings, if so the our XL security system is your solution.
6) Would an additional loud siren be benificial, our XL system has a loud wireless siren powered by a mains adapter, but triggered by a wireless signal from the receiver, this siren is fully weatherproof.
7) Do you want to be notified by telephone if you system has gone into a full alarm activation, provided you have a telephone extension to plug into, the XL system can supply a wireless triggered telephone system.

Still Confused !!
Our XL home security system is a very cost effective versatile system, if you are not sure please contact us for honest friendly, no obligation advice.