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Shed, Garden, Garage & Allotment Security

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Shed & Garage Alarms, Silent Alarms & Security

Shed & Garage Alarms, Silent Alarms & Security

It is a fact that 95% of home burglaries happen to houses that do not have an intruder alarm, a percentage of the remaing 5% make it easy for the intruder by forgetting to close a back door or window etc, this is the same for sheds, garages & outbuildings.

Shed & Garages (and now allotments) are probably the most broken into buildings in both rural and town locations.

Using our experience we have put together this range of security products including alarms, silent alarms, decoy camera's & locks, perfect for protecting these type of buildings, none require mains power.

More Information

More Information

It is well known that outbuildings such as Sheds, Garages, Barns etc are probably the most vulnerable buildings around, subject to constant thefts and damage. This doesn't appear to matter if you live in an idyllic country location or in the middle of a busy town or city.

Ultra Secure Ltd offer a range of simple affordable security products to help protect these buildings.

The options can vary from simple battery operated alarm systems, which will activate a siren in the building in the event of a burglary to battery operated sensors that silently transmit a radio signal back to the house, a decoy dummy cctv system or a cable padlock system incorporating a built in 100 Db siren.

Most customers have PIR's (passive infrared) inside the buildings, some have PIR's outside the building which will alert them to the presence of a visitor before damage has even been done.

A lot of our customers utilize two systems at the same time, they want to know when there is an attempted burglary but they also want the unwanted visitors to leave, perhaps they have the alert system outside the building with an alarm or padlock system inside.

We also offer a range of decoy cameras that can act as a good deterrent to potential burglars.

Need Help?

Need Help?
Our Shed & Garage security products range from battery operated alarm systems operated by remote control or keypads, silent wireless alert systems through to decoy cameras & locks with built in sirens. A lot of customers have more than one system working together.

What System or Systems Do I Need !!
1) Do you want a siren going off, in the event of an activation, some customers do, so do not, if you want the siren working please look at Shed Alarms 1 to 6. We would strongly recommend using the additional sirens with these systems, this prevents the system from being damaged to stop the siren, should the burgular damage the system, the additional siren (that can & should be hid away) will continue to activate even if the cable is cut.
2) Do you want to be alerted inside your house when you have an intruder, if yes please choose one of our battery operated driveway alert systems, there is a big choice in detector type to radio range, one to suit all applications. These could be used in conjunction with a battery shed alarm or on its own, some customers want to scare intruders away, some want to catch them.
3) Do you want a visual deterrent, if so you can use inside or outside decoy cctv camera's, or cctv signs, please see the full range in decoy cameras on the web site.
4) Do you want to physically secure some items down, if so look at our range of cable padlocks that include a piercing siren should they be tampered with.
5) Do you want an external alarm sounding outside the house for a few seconds when someone is wandering unauthorized around the yard or garden, this can be done using our external driveway alarms, often used in conjunction with internal shed alarms.

It is normal for our customers to have two different systems working together.

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