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Wireless Alarm Systems

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Alarm Information

Alarm Information

Ultra Secure Ltd offer a range of affordable 'Wireless Home Security Alert & Alarm Systems: that are an ideal way to help protect your home & business.

Typically a potential Burglar will consider the following:
Entry: How can they enter the building safely ?
Extraction: How can they extract the goods they want to steal ?
Exit: How can they safely Exit the building ?
Escape: How can they safely escape without being filmed, caught or seen ?
We offer a range of products to help make the above list harder to achieve.

When choosing which alarm system to use there are some basic questions that you can ask yourself:

Q) Do I use a Wireless or Wired Alarm ?
A) Now that Wireless Alarms are so reliable and easy to fit, most applications can be covered more than adequately using a Wireless Alarm system, and perfect for DIY installations.

Q) Have we got Pets in the building I want to alarm ?
A) If we have Pets, can we keep them in specific areas when the alarm is set, if not then we may have to use magnetic contacts on doors & windows, or in some cases investigate Pet Friendly PIR's.

Q) Where do we fit the Control Panel ?
A) It is normally best to fit the control panel near the normal door you use to enter and exit the building, or hide it away and use a wireless keypad or remote controls to arm & disarm.

Q) Where is there a power supply for the control panel ?
A) On most systems you will need a power supply for the control panel and sometimes the siren, although we do have solar systems that can work with no power at all.

Q) Where are the risk areas (or vulnerable locations) to the building, how do we protect them ?
A) All properties will normally have one, two or three areas that are far more vulnerable than the rest, if you are on a restricted budget then concentrate on the risk areas first, you can always add to a system at a later date covering less risky locations.

Q) When the alarm is activated, what do you want the alarm to do, trigger internal & external sirens, ring your mobile, send text messages to you or keyholders ?
A) Take this into account when choosing the alarm, you can normally get an alarm to do just what you would like.

Q) Have you got a telephone line on site ?
A) If you want the alarm to ring out, you will need a telephone line or you will need to use a sim card, but this thought process will help you locate the alarm system or choose the correct alarm system.

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One of our biggest sllers is our unique Wireless XL Home Security System it offers a very versatile home security system that gives business and home owners an audible and visual alert from up to 16 detectors for when a visitor arrives, or a problem arrises with water leakages or temperature problems, and with a simple press of a switch you can turn 12 of the detectors into a full armed condition that will trigger a 100Db siren or wireless voice dialer in the event of a problem.
You can select a mixture of our 12 battery powered wireless detectors to suit your individual application ranging from PIR's, Door & Window Magnetic Contacts, Water Leakage Detectors, Wireless Vibration Sensors, Wireless Tilt Switches, Temperature Sensors and even a Wireless Triggered Emergency Alarm Auto-Dialer.
When these 12 detectors are in the armed condition you can still utilize the 4 sensors that are still operating as a simple alert warning signal.
The wireless sensors & detectors are all battery powered and transmit using 433 Mhz.

The wireless receivers plug into a standard 13-amp wall socket, and has 4 x AAA batteries as back up for normal use through any power failures and give an audible and visual alert when a detector sends a signal, it also alllows you to distinguish between the four areas.
When the wireless alarm receiver is in the disarmed mode, you can select a chime, bleep or silent setting to allow you to have areas still covered, very popular with elderly customers or businesses with risk entrances.
When the wireless alarm system is in the armed home setting, all sensors and detectors will be working apart from the PIR's, this allows you to arm the perimeter of your home whilst still being able to fully move around.
The wireless alarm system has a 45 second exit delay when setting the system to full arm (away arm) and a 30 second entry delay allowing you full access to the wireless receiver for disarming.
You can arm and disarm the system using the built in 4-digit keypad or remote control.
The 4-digit code can be self set allowing you to have a secure easy to remember code.
This is a very unique wireless alarm system giving you the options to secure your home and business from Intruders, Water Leaks, Temperature Problems whilst giving you a visitor alert system.

When you talk to any police officer they will tell you that criminals look at 'risk against the potential reward' when deciding where or when to commit a burglary, so by installing effective alarm and perimeter systems to your property you are greatly reducing the risk.
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Need Help?

Need Help?
Wireless alarms are now the normal choice of most intruder alarm companies, this is due to the fact that they are now just as reliable as basic wired intruder alarms and far easier & clean to install.
The wireless alarms that we sell are unique & different to the dozens of systems being sold in B & Q or on the internet, using our experience in wireless driveway alarms and our sister company Crimestoppers Ltd (who were one of the first companies in the UK to introduce wireless home alarms 16 years ago) we have introduced the XL home security system which is cost effective, easy to fit & gives you the abitily to monitor outside, water leakages & temperature problems together with intruders.
Our wireless systems are suitable for small businesses & standard size homes.

Questions To Ask Yourself!!
1) Would it be benificial to have an alert if someone was outside the house or business, if so then our XL alarm system system is the right choice.
2) Would it be benificial to have the option to have a chime, alert or alarm on any external door or window, if so the XL home security system will give you this.
3) Is you building a small business or medium size house, if yes the XL system will be fine, if you have a very large business then the XL system may not be suitable, please call us for advice.
4) Would it be benificial to have water & temperature problems monitored before any damage is actually done, if so our XL home security system is the best option.
5) Would it be benificial to have the abitiliy to alarm garages & sheds near the house with either an alert or alarm, if so the XL home security system will do this.
6) Would it be benificial for a sensor outside a shed or garage to monitor intruders without setting of sirens, but then activating full sirens if they proceed to inside these buildings, if so the XL home security system is one of the few DIY wireless alarm systems that does this.
7) Would an additional siren be needed, the XL home alarm system has a wireless siren, powered by a mains adapter, triggered by a wireless signal, and is fully weatherproof.
8) Do you want to be notified by telephone if you system has gone into a full alarm activation, provided you have a telephone extension to plug into, the XL system can supply a wireless triggered telephone system from May 2010.

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