2 Level Staff Assistance Required Alarms

2 Level Wireless 'Staff Assistance Required' Alarms

2 Level Wireless 'Staff Assistance Required' Alarms

These unique Wireless Panic Alarms are designed to help protect Staff in their workplace, the principle is that there are two different Call Buttons which will operate the Wireless Receivers in different ways to suit the level of assistance required.

An example could be a person working on the till is starting to feel uncomfortable (even though the customer is doing nothing wrong at the time), this may be down to a gut feeling or a group of people that could potentially be looking to steal or cause problems, with this Alarm the Staff member could simple call for support by using the Alert Button on the Remote Control that may just activate a Flashing Strobe (depending on what system has been ordered).

If there is an immediate or definite problem then the SOS Button can be pressed on the Remote Control which will activate a Siren or Buzzer (depending on what alarm has been ordered) on all the Wireless Receivers within the chosen Alarm.

Both the Alert & SOS Buttons will activate the Receiver (or Receivers) which will remain ON until reset by using the 'X' Button on the Remote Control.

The Battery powered Wireless Remote Control can be wall mounted (bracket supplied) or carried around, the operational range to the relevant Receivers is 200 metres (line of sight), which equates to around 75 - 100 metres in most applications, additional Remote Controls can be purchased (no limit).

The Wireless Receivers are powered by a plug in 3-pin Transformer, multiple Receivers can be used to suit the application. 

Bespoke Systems can be made to suit different applications, please Contact Us to discuss !!


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