4G GSM Intercom

Introducing the newest member of our UltraCOM range: the UltraCOM 4G GSM intercom, designed to free you from limited range constraints. Receive call notifications and answer directly on your phone. Remotely grant access to your visitors by unlocking up to two electric strikes (two relay outputs available). Drawing on our years of experience, we have created a technological masterpiece.

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GSM Intercom

The GSM intercom combines the traditional features of intercoms with mobile technology, offering increased flexibility and connectivity, providing unlimited intercom range via the 4G network.

GSM Intercom Features

  • Transmission via Mobile Network: Unlike traditional intercoms that require a wired connection, GSM intercoms use mobile phone networks to transmit communications. This eliminates the need for complex wiring and allows for more flexible installation.
  • Compatibility with Mobile Phones: The GSM intercom can be configured to call a mobile or landline phone directly when a visitor uses the intercom. This allows you to answer the door remotely, even if you are not at home.
  • Simplified Installation: The absence of wiring makes the installation of GSM intercoms simpler and less costly. They can be installed in locations where access to cables is difficult or impossible.

Power Supply for GSM Intercom

Our range of GSM intercoms requires an external power supply, either via the transformer provided in the box or via a 9-24V (AC/DC) or 9-36V (DC only) power source, such as from an electric gate or a solar panel, etc.

Advantages of GSM Intercom

  • Mobility and Accessibility: The ability to answer an intercom from anywhere offers great freedom, especially for those who are frequently on the move. You can talk to your visitors or service providers even if you are at work or on holiday.
  • Versatility: These devices can be used in various configurations, whether for individual houses, residential buildings, offices, or industrial installations.

Applications of GSM Intercom

  • Private Residences: Homeowners can respond to visitors even if they are not at home, ensuring increased security and easier management of deliveries or unexpected visitors.
  • Offices and Businesses: Companies can control access to their premises more efficiently, allowing entry for visitors or employees remotely.
  • Residential Buildings: Building managers can offer a modern and secure solution to residents, allowing for more effective management of building access.
  • Industrial Sites: In facilities where security is paramount, the GSM intercom allows for strict access control and effective communication with visitors or delivery personnel.

GSM Connectivity of the Intercom

The GSM intercom connects to the 4G network. This does not mean internet connection, but simply the means of transmitting the call signal. For this, the GSM intercom requires a 4G SIM card connected to a mobile phone network with an appropriate subscription.

Intercom Features

Like any intercom, you can communicate directly with your visitor and remotely activate the opening of your building door, gate, house, etc. You can also configure 9 primary call numbers and 50 secondary numbers. The GSM intercom transmits either a voice call or an SMS, or both.

The GSM intercom represents a modern, flexible, and secure solution for access management and communication. By integrating mobile technology, these devices offer a suitable response to various needs, characterised by increased mobility and enhanced security requirements. Whether for private residences, businesses, or industrial sites, GSM intercoms are an efficient and practical option, allowing you to stay connected in any circumstance.

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