Bells Only Wireless Alarms

Traditional 'Bells Only' Wireless Alarms which simply include Loud Sirens are still just as popular as ever.

Traditional 'Bells Only' Wireless Alarms which simply include Loud Sirens are still just as popular as ever.

We have a large percentage of customers tell us that they just want Loud Sirens if the Alarm is triggered, they don't want to be receiving Telephone Calls or Text Messages, they just want to hopefully scare any Intruder away or make their neighbours aware of a possible problem.

Our Wireless Alarms are designed for easy DIY (self fit) Installation, and we have Telephone Sales advice to help you choose the correct system for your application, together with full Telephone support for after purchase to ensure you get the best from the chosen system. This support continues during and after the warranty periods in the unlikely event of you having a problem. 

They also want the type of Sirens that will turn themselves off after a sensible duration to avoid upsetting the same neighbours, we have all experience the terrible scenario of a nearby Siren operating for hours if not days whilst the owners are on holiday, our Alarms Sirens will stop after the pre-set duration.

Ultra Secure have a range of Wireless Alarms that include the option for Internal and/or External Sirens together with a full list of wireless accessories needed with any Alarm, these include:

  • Magnetic Contacts (for use on doors & windows).
  • PIR's (for use inside a room).
  • Vibration Sensors (for use on vulnerable doors & windows).
  • Panic Buttons (for use in security or medical emergencies).
  • Smoke Detectors.
  • Gas Detectors.
  • Floor Pressure Mats (can be used under a door mat).
  • Roller Shutter Door Contacts.
  • Water Detectors.
  • External Sirens.

These Alarms have been designed for easy Installation, and are prepared by our staff before despatch, we will carry out as much programming to the Alarm as we can leaving you with the bare minimum to do.

The Alarms can be Armed & Disarmed in various ways, the most common are:

  • Remote Control (allows the alarm to be operated from outside the house).
  • Wireless Keypad (allows the alarm to be operated from just inside the entrance, ideal for applications with many key-holders).
  • Built in keypad (these keypads are built onto the control panel, but it results in you having to fit the alarm near the entrance, not always easy or desirable).

We have two main ranges of these traditional 'Bells Only' Alarms available, which include an Internal Control Panel:

We also have four types of Bell Only Sirens which have no Internal Control Panels, the External Siren is controlled by using a Remote Control, further information can be found by clicking this link !!

If you need advice on choosing the Alarm, then please contact us for Friendly, No Obligation Advice !!

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