Electric Door Locks - Latches & Access Control.

Electric Door Locks - Latches & Access Controllers.

Electric Door Locks - Latches & Access Controllers.

A selection of Electric Door Locks & Latches designed to help customers automate standard doors, ideal for small business premises and domestic homes that need to automate a door.

You would normally control these doors by various means, these would include:

  • Audio or Video Intercoms.
  • Keypads.
  • Touch or Touchless Buttons (wired or wireless).
  • Remote Controls or Tags.

This can be done by various means, the two most common to fit onto an existing door would be:

  • To fit a suitable Electronic Latch (these work by releasing the existing door lock when triggered).
  • To fit an Electric Door Lock (this can be located on the door or in some cases in the door frame).

The locks do require a power supply, normally 12v DC which can be taken from 12v Transformers (which we can supply).

Some Locks will require a circuit board to control the door lock or latch, some have timer controls built into the Locks (contact should you require for advice).

We also offer a range of Access Controllers including:

  • Wireless & Wired Push Buttons.
  • Touch & No Touch Push Buttons.
  • Keypads.
  • Circuit Boards & Power Supplies.
  • Intercoms.
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