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Battery Powered, Water Leakage & Flood Alarm

Stand Alone Water Alarm with Output Relays.

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Battery powered stand-alone Water & Flood Alarm, with built in Siren & Output Relays.

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Battery powered stand-alone Water & Flood Alarm, with built in Siren & Output Relays, designed to Alert the home & business owners to the early signs of a Water Leak or Flood, potentially saving thousands of Pounds worth of damage.

Water & Flood damage causes havoc to buildings & stock, therefore early detection is vital.

The Water Alarm is powered by a standard PP3 battery, and has a built in 85 Decibel Siren which can operate for up to 18 hours following an activation (subject to a good battery).

It can be placed close to the floor, (selecting a short length of cable to the probe) where two brass pins will monitor for water, or located in a higher position using the built in 1.5 metre long extension cable (could be easily extended). When the extension cable is used the same two brass pins will be monitoring the chosen location for water. 

There is a built in Low Battery Alert, giving the owners ample time to renew the battery.

This Alarm can also be connected to most types of Auto-Diallers to inform the key-holders of the problem.

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  • 1 x Water Alarm Control Panel
  • 1 x Built in Buzzer.
  • 1 x Water Detecting Probe & 1.5 metre of Cable.
  • 1 x PP3 Battery.
  • Dimensions: 100 (L) x 60 (W) x 35 (D) mm 
  • Power Supply: 9v PP3 Battery (supplied).
  • Water Detector Mount 25 x 15 mm.
  • Distance Between Probes: 8mm Apart.
  • Probe Mounting Method: Double Sided Tape (supplied) or suction Pad (supplied).
  • Cable Length to Detector x 1.5metre.
  • Output Relay: Yes (N/O).
  • Battery Life: Approx 1 - 2 years (dependant upon use).
  • Low Battery Warning: Yes (audible beep every 30 seconds).
  • Weight: 12 g with battery. 
  • Operating Temperature : 0 C to 50 C 
  • Humidity : 80% RH (non-condensing).
  • Shock Resistance : Shock resistant from 1.8m drop onto concrete.
  • Water Resistance : Splash and water resistant, but not waterproof.