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Parking for Rent Posts & Signage 

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Parking Posts & Rent This Parking Space Sign.

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Parking Posts & Rent This Parking Space Sign.

With City Centres getting more conjested with each passing year, more and more people are looking to Rent their Car Parking Space out, Ultra Secure have designed this affordable and simple solution to meet this criteria.

We offer Parking Posts with clear signage fixed to them (using cable ties) stating 'Rent This Parking Space', simple write your contact details onto the sign.

When the Parking Space is rented, the sign can be removed leaving your new customer with a key, this they can used to operate the Post.

Each post is supplied with 2 keys, leaving the owners with one, a deposit from the customer can ensure this is returned upon the expiry of the rental agreement.

The Sign can be purchased separately to fit onto any Post.   

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