Sale! New 2 x Heavy Duty 140Y Removable Security Posts & Chain Kit (001-4160).

2 x Heavy Duty 140Y Removable Security Posts & Chain Kit (001-4160).

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Two Large Imposing Heavy Duty Removable 140Y Security Posts & Chain Kit, ideal for protecting & covering wider areas with just two Posts. Complete with Lifting Handles, Reflective Strips & Padlock. 

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Two Large Imposing Heavy Duty Removable 140Y Security Posts & Chain Kits, complete with:

  • 10 metres of Steel Chain (designed to be doubled up and locked with a padlock supplied).
  • Easy to use Lifting Handles.
  • Front & Rear Reflective Strips.
  • 3 x Padlock & 3 x Keyed Alike Keys (posts & chain).
  • Hinged Lid on the Ground Spigot (ensures the spigot hole is safely covered).
  • Strong Ground Spigot.

Designed to covering a wider areas using just two posts, together with avoiding gaps that pedestrians & motorcycles to easily pass though, ideal for use on Farm & Commercial Entrances, Doors & Gateways !!

Supplied with 10metre of Chain and a single Padlock, for use when doubled up over 5 metres, the chain could be easily used in a single length and secured by using an additional padlock (part number 001-1100) & further chain can be purchased if required (part number 001-1060).

The Ground Spigots are fitted into the ground using standard cement or post mix, the Security Posts are locked into the upright position using the supplied padlocks, when the posts are removed the ground spigot have a hinged lid which safely covers the open recess (this lids can be locked into the down position using the padlock).

The locks are all keyed alike, allowing you to use one key to remove both posts & the chain !!

This Removable Security Post (commonly called a Magpie Post), ideal for many Security Applications !!

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  • 2 x 140Y Removable Security Posts.
  • 2 x Ground Spigot.
  • 3 x Padlock & 3 Keys (keyed alike).
  • 4 x Reflective Strips (front & back).
  • 10 x metres of Chain.


  • Height Above Ground: 800 mm.
  • Width: 90 x 90 mm.
  • Material: Steel.
  • Steel Gauge: 3 mm.
  • Lift Out Weight: 9.5 kilo.
  • Package Weight:14.5 Kilo.
  • Colour: Yellow with Black Band.
  • Finish: Powder Coating.
  • Front Facing Reflective Sticker: Red.
  • Rear Facing Reflective Sticker: White.
  • Lift Out Handles: Yes (40 x 100 mm internal size).
  • Locking Method: Padlock (supplied).

Ground Spigot:

  • Depth: 310 mm.
  • Hinged Lid: Yes (flush when closed).
  • Finish: Galvanising.
  • Weight: 5 Kilo.

Chain Specification:

  • 10 metres Long (designed to be used doubled up).
  • Each Link 40 mm Long.
  • 4mm Diameter.
  • Galvanised Steel.