Heavy Duty GSM Auto-Dialer

GSM Auto-Dialler (KP Heavy Duty Model) for use with many Alarms

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Heavy Duty KP GSM Auto-Dialler, will contact key-holders by text message & telephone in the event of an activation, it can be connected to a wide range of Security & Safety System Alarm Panels.

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Heavy Duty GSM Auto-Dialler, will contact up to three key-holders by text message and five key-holders by telephone when activated, it can be connected to a wide range of Alarm Receivers & Panels.

The Heavy Duty design of this GSM Alarm System, is ideally suited to the harsher environments such as Farm Buildings, Workshops, Business Premises, Storage Containers etc, the control panel is locked closed with a built in tamper switch, and is supplied with 2 keys for access.

The Dialler has 16 x Input Relays, which can be either N/O or N/C for connecting to the Alarm Receiver, often used with our:

  • Wireless Driveway & Perimeter Alarms.
  • Wireless & Wired Flood & Smoke Alarms.
  • Staff Protection Alarms.

When used in conjunction with a Wireless Driveway or Perimeter Alarm, it would be normal to let this GSM Control Panel act as the main brains of the system dictating Entry & Exit Delays, Armed or Disarmed times, Siren Activation etc (the receiver for the driveway & perimeter alarm would simply be a wireless link to the transmitters and a chime box).

There is also a range of Wireless Detectors that can be used at the same time as the secondary panel, allowing you to use the system with a Wireless Perimeter Alarm for example together with Internal Alarm Sensors (2 alarms in one).

This 12v DC powered GSM Auto-Dialler has 16 x Wired zones (NO or NC), 16 x optional Wireless zones (for use with optional accessories), a 12v DC and NO/NC outputs, a 240v AC output Relay and a 240v AC Relay designed to be triggered remotely by text message, full details and additional functions in the specifications tab.

It is also very Easy to Program and Use, all you need is to fit a sim card into it (which has a good network signal at the location you intend to locate it).

Further Details:

Aerial: The control panel is supplied with an external Aerial, in locations with a poor mobile phone signal (inside steel containers etc) an Aerial Extension (part number 005-0740) can be added.

16 x Wired Trigger Inputs: You can use any of the 16 input trigger as NO or NC, these would be connected to any Security & Safety Alarm Control Panel.

16 x Wireless Zones: Can be used with optional wireless accessories such as PIR's, Door Contacts, Vibration Sensors, Smoke & Water Sensors.

Delay Entry & Exit: You can select 0 - 90 seconds delay time between the GSM Auto-Dialler being triggered to it sending out the text messages and telephone calls (all channels can be programmed into an instant activation if required). 

Power Failure: The Control Panel can be used to contact the primary key-holder by text message if the power supply fails for more than 30 minutes whilst it is in a Armed mode.

Two Way Communication: When the system calls your telephone, it allows you to listen into the location of the control panel.

Arm & Disarm Method: 

The control panel can be Armed & Disarmed by the following methods:

  • Built in Keypad.
  • Remote Control.
  • By Sending it a Text Message.
  • Built in Timer Program. 

SIM CARD: You can use either 'pay as you go' or a 'contract' sim card (not included), we recommend you use a network card that has a good signal at the location you intend to use it.

Programming Method: Easy to use built in keypad.

The Dialler can also be powered by a a leisure battery for remote locations with no access to a power supply.

A great Auto-Dialler for commercial applications or the harsher environments, contact us if you need advice.

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  • 1 x KP H/D Auto-Dialler with Built in back-Up Battery.
  • 1 x 3-pin Plug in Power Supply (2-pin available upon request). 
  • 1 x CD Rom (manual).
  • 2 x Keys: (for access to the control panel).
  • 2 x Remote Controls.
  • Heavy Duty: (steel control panel).
  • 2 x Aerials: (detachable and extendable).
  • Text Message: (will send up to 3 text messages when triggered, one text message following a power failure).
  • Telephone Calls: (will call up to 5 telephone numbers).
  • 16 x Wireless Zones (fully adjustable).
  • 16 x Wired Zones (fully adjustable).
  • Adjustable Power Failure Time Duration: (instantly or 30 minutes).
  • 12v DC Input: (suitable for solar & battery applications).
  • Can be Armed & Disarmed by: Built in Keypad, Remote Control, Self Auto-Timer & Text Message.
  • Self Monitoring Mode: (optional use).
  • 4 Minute Output Relay: (relay when the alarm is triggered, can operate sirens, lights, telephone dialers).
  • 12v DC Output: (when triggered).
  • Large selection of Alarm Accessories Available.
  • Switch 4 Minute Relay: (can be used for the key-holder to switch on lights etc).
  • Lockable Control Panel.
  • Tamper Switch.
  • Sirens: (can activate external wired & wireless sirens).
  • Size: 225 (w) x 160 (h) x 50 (d) mm.
  • Frequency: 433 Mhz.
  • Quad Band: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz.