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Sale! Mains powered 3G UltraPIR GSM Garage Alarm

Mains Powered UltraPIR 3G GSM Garage Alarm Kit

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Mains powered UltraPIR 3G GSM Garage Alarm, designed to help protect your Garage or Workshop, when triggered it will activate up to 4 Sirens together with secretly contacting key-holders by Phone & Text

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Mains powered UltraPIR 3G GSM Garage Alarm, designed to help protect your Garage or Workshop, when triggered it will activate up to 4 Sirens together with secretly contacting key-holders by Phone & Text

The 3G GSM UltraPIR is supplied with a 3-pin Power supply and battery backup, the Wireless accessories are all battery powered making them very easy and quick to Fit.

Supplied with:

  • 1 x UltraPIR GSM Alarm (can be used with the built in Siren or in Silent mode whilst contacting the owners by Phone & Text if triggered).
  • 1 x Magnetic Door Contact (with a built in optional Siren and can be used with the keypad or Remote Controls). 
  • 1 x External Wireless Siren (this can be positioned up to 50 metres away).
  • 1 x Indoor Siren.
  • 1 x Remote Controls (designed to Arm & Disarm the complete Alarm System).
  • 1 x Garage Alarm Warning Window Sticker.

How it Works:

At first you decide if you want the Sirens active on the UltraPIR & Magnetic Door Contact, most customers would choose to silence the 3G GSM UltraPIR (letting this call key-holders without bringing attention to itself).

You then fit a SIM Card into the UltraPIR and carry out some very simple programming (manual supplied or see video tab).

The Internal Wireless Siren can be fitted into the house (if it is within 50 metres away) or hidden out of reach in the Garage.

The Wireless Magnetic Contact is fitted onto a Door & Door Frame with double sided tape & screws supplied.

The Wireless UltraPIR is fitted into the corner of the Garage using two screws supplied. 

The complete Alarm System is Armed & Disarmed using the Remote Control or Text message supplied (from up to 100 metres away) or by using the small keypad on the Magnetic Door Contact.  

If triggered the Alarm will activate relevant Sirens and will also contact up to three key-holders by Phone & Text (either can be turned off if preferred).

All batteries are supplied for the Alarm Kit.

A very simple and affordable GSM Wireless Garage Alarm Kit !!

You can still add additional accessories, please see below:


The Alarm communicates via the mobile phone networks, and uses a standard size (not micro) SIM Card (PAYG or Contract). It will contact up to three key-holders by Telephone (with your own pre-recorded message) & Text Message when activated. The Text messages will be sent after the Alarm has tried to call all key-holders 3 times. 

On the 3G UltraPIR's, the Text messages feature can be turned OFF by pressing the Pairing Button + #9#, and the Telephone feature can be turned OFF by pressing Pair Button + *9*, ideal for customers wishing to receive just a Text or Phone Call.

Arming & Disarming:

The Alarms are Armed & Disarmed by using the Remote Control (supplied) from up to 100 metres away, up to 9 Remote Controls can be used with each Alarm. 
You can also Arm & Disarm the Alarm via SMS (text message) whilst using the Plug in Transformer. There is a 30 second Exit Delay built into the Alarm for easy use.

Receiving a Call:

When the Alarm calls the key-holders, there is the choice to:

  • Listen to your pre-recorded message and do nothing (the alarm will contact the other key-holders).
  • Listen to your pre-recorded message and press # on your telephone (this will disarm the PIR and prevent it from calling further key-holders).
  • Listen to your pre-recorded message and press * on your telephone (this will turn the siren off, prevent it from calling further key-holders, but keep the PIR fully armed (ready for further activations).

Magnetic Contact:

The Wireless Door & Window Contact has a host of features including:

  • Built in Keypad (can be used to Arm & Disarm).
  • Can be Armed & Disarmed by the Remote Controls in the kits.
  • Optional built in 130 decibel Siren (can be turned off) operates for 30 seconds.
  • Optional Door left Open 'Beep' mode (whilst in disarm mode). 
  • Optional Door left Open 'Alarm' mode (whilst in Armed state).
  • Optional Door Open & Close 'Test' mode (30 second reset time).
  • Easy to Fit Magnet.
  • It can also be used as a stand-alone Alarm.

It is supplied in two parts, one is the Wireless Switch and the other is a Magnet, both parts would be fitted onto the Door/Window & Frame in such a position that when closed both parts are nearly touching.


The UltraPIR is supplied with a Plug in Transformer and also has 3 x AA Batteries (duracell supplied) which will operate the PIR during a powercut. 


The Alarm system has a 30 second exit delay (plenty of time to leave the building and lock up) and a 5 second entry delay (normally disarmed from outside the building before entering). The PIR has a 10 metre detection distance, 120 degrees horizontal & 90 degrees vertical detection pattern.

UltraPIR Programming:

It is very easy to program using the built in keypad inside the PIR, please see videos attached.

Low Battery:

The Alarm will send you a Text Message if the Batteries are getting low on the UltraPIR (this can be turned off).

SIM Cards:

We do offer the Roaming (M2M) SIM Cards for use in these Alarms to make the complete purchase easier, full details of these can be found (HERE). The Alarm however will work with most other SIM Cards (depending on your location and network coverage) with PAYG or Contract. Please contact us for advice if required.

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  • 1 x 3G UltraPIR GSM Alarm (with AA Batteries).
  • 1 x Remote Controls.
  • 1 x Internal Wireless Siren (with batteries).
  • 1 x Outdoor Solar Wireless Siren.
  • 1 x Magnetic Door Contact with optional Siren & Keypad (007-0630).
  • 1 x 3-pin Plug in Transformer.
  • 1 x Garage Alarmed Window Sticker.


  • Power Supply: 3 x AA Batteries (supplied).
  • 3G & 2G Compatible: Yes.
  • Battery Life: 
    • 7 months (being armed & disarmed once per day).
    • 2- 3 months (being armed & disarmed once per day & one activation per day, variations caused by how many telephone & sms calls are made during activation).
  • Low Battery Warning: Yes (SMS at 3.8 - 4.0 volts stating Low Battery & Red Light on PIR).
  • Size: 110 (H) x 70 (W) x 40 (D) mm (depth including mounting bracket 65 mm).
  • Detection Range: 10 metres.
  • Detection Angle: 120 Degrees Horizontal - 90 Degrees Vertical.
  • Arming Method: Remote Control.
  • Maximum Number of Remote Controls: 9.
  • Remote Control Operation Distance: 100 metres.
  • Remote Operation: Yes.
  • Built in Siren: 130 Decibel.
  • Duration of Siren: 60 seconds.
  • Ability of Operating PIR Silently: Yes.
  • Ability to add additional Sirens: Yes (battery powered internal & external sirens).
  • Frequency to Wireless Sirens 868 Mhz.
  • GSM Frequency: Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz.
  • Operating Temperature: 0 Degrees to +40 Degrees.
  • Turning Text ON & OFF #9#.
  • Turning Telephone ON & OFF *9*.

Magnetic Contact:

  • Wireless Operation with UltraPIR Alarms: Yes.
  • Wireless Operation with UltraDIAL Alarms: Yes.
  • Wireless Operation with BT PIR Alarms: Yes.
  • Wireless Range: 100 metres (line of sight).
  • Internal Siren: Yes 130 Decobel (optional, can be turned ON or OFF).
  • Duration of Siren: 30 seconds.
  • Keypad To Arm: Yes (press 3).
  • Keypad To Disarm: Yes (code + 3).
  • Change Code Option: Yes.
  • Size of Contact: 60 (H) x 40 (W) x 15 (D) mm.
  • Size of Magnet: 45 (H) x 13 (W) x 13 D) mm.
  • Power Supply: Battery (1 x 3.6v Lithium 2AA size Battery).  
  • Colour: White.
  • Open Door Beep: Yes Optional (when disarmed).
  • Open Door Siren: Yes Optional (when armed).
  • Test Mode: Yes (beep on open & close with 30 second reset.
  • Stand-alone Operation: Yes.
  • Frequency to Wireless Sirens 868 Mhz.

Remote Control:

  • Operating Range: 100 metres (line of sight).
  • Arm & Disarm Function: Yes (BT, UltraPIR & UltraDIAL Alarms).
  • SOS Function: Yes (UltraDIAL).
  • Size: 65 x 40 x 12 mm.
  • Key Ring Slot: Yes.
  • Battery:1 x CR2032H.
  • Pairing Button Location: Inside Battery Cover.
  • Colour: White & Black.

External Siren:

  • Built in Siren: 130 Decibel.
  • Siren Duration: 3 minutes.
  • Built in Flashing Strobe: Rapid (activation).
  • Power Supply: 1 x Built in 3.7v / 450 mA Lithium Battery (supplied).
  • Optional Battery: 4 x Alkaline AA Batteries (for low level light locations).
  • Battery Life of Alkaline Batteries: 9 - 12 months low light applications (normal use).
  • Weatherproof: Yes (IP-65).
  • Anti-Tamper Switch: Yes.
  • Line of Sight Wireless Range: 50 metres (2G UltraPIR), 100 metres (3G UltraPIR).
  • Size: 110 (W) x 170 (H) x 28 (D) mm.
  • Warranty: 1 year. 

Internal Siren:

  • Built in Siren: Yes (130 Decibel).
  • Power Supply: 2 x AA Batteries.
  • Working Wireless Range to 2G UltraPIR: 50 metres (line of sight).
  • Working Wireless Range to 3G UltraPIR: 100 metres (line of sight).
  • Operation With: PIR (E007-0200) & Magnetic Contact (E007-0210).
  • Size: 63 (W) x 85 (H) x 21 (D) mm.
  • Colour: Cream.
  • Siren Duration: 60 seconds (but remains fully armed).


  • Plug Type: 3-Pin (2-pin available upon request).
  • Input Power: 100 - 240 AC (50/60 Hz) .3 amps.
  • Output: 5v DC (1 amp).
  • Connection End: Tinned.

Garage Sticker:

  • Self Adhesive on the front of the label designed to fit inside a window.
  • Size: 80 (W) x 60 (H) mm.
  • Colour: Red Print on White Background.
  • Wording: This Garage is Alarmed.