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Q: How many Properties can the UltraCOM3 work with?
A: Between 1 and 9.

Q: Why would you use it for 1 Property?
A: For applications wanting to Open an Electronic Gate or Door using the Keypad.

Q: What is the built in Keypad for?
A: It can be used to either open an Electronic Gate or Door (when the caller station is connected) or to select the correct Property 1 to 9.

Q: How do you select the chosen Property using the Keypad?
A: Either Scroll Up using the Up Button (central bottom) or by pressing the relevant Key (if you know the number or name).

Q: Can the Customers name be displayed?
A: Yes you can program the Customers name into the Display.

Q: How does the Caller Station remain powered?
A: There are built in options that are designed to save power when using the Caller Station with Batteries, these include:

  • Built in Proximity Sensor High Setting (5 metres), the caller station wakes up as the visitor approaches the unit.
  • Built in Proximity Sensor Low Setting (2.5 metres), the caller station wakes up as the visitor approaches the unit.
  • Push Button to wake up (pushing any button will awake the Caller Station).
  • Always ON (only recommended when powered by DC power).

Q: How can I power the Caller Station?
A: You can power the Caller Station with the following:

  • 12v - 24v DC supply (directly from a Electric Gate or Door circuit board).
  • 4 x C Batteries.
  • 12v Plug in Transformer.

Q: If I use the Battery option, how long will they typically last?
A: Most domestic applications would operate for between 12 - 18 months using a good set of Batteries.

Q: The UltraCOM3 will not release the Output Relay to release my Gate or Door?
A: Please check the Child Lock is not Engaged on the Handset / Handsets (is there a line through the padlock symbol on the bottom right of the screen on the handset).

Q: How do we Engage or Disengage the Child Lock on the Handset ?
A: Press the Down Button then Central Padlock Button on the Handset.

Q: What Wireless range does the standard Intercom have?
A: The UltraCOM3 is tested at 600 metres (open air), which equates to around 200 - 400 metres in most applications (depending on the nature of obstructions between the Caller Station and Handsets).

Q: Can I increase the range of the UltraCOM3?
A: You can add an External Aerial (to fit onto the back of the Gatepost) which will help with Wireless Transmission (as this aerial removes the gatepost from the obstruction).

Q: What do I need to do if I add an Aerial?
A: Connect it to the cable inside the Caller Station and select External Aerial in the display menu.

Q: Can I increase the range any further?
A: On the UltraCOM3 there is a program in the settings of the Caller Station & Handset, this can be changed 1 (which will slightly change the frequency helping if there is some local interference).
A: You could add a Aerial lengthening cable (which doesn't increase the range but may allow the Aerial to be positioned in a location away from some other obstruction).

Q: Can I connect the Caller Station to all Electric Gates & Doors?
A: The UltraCOM3 can be used to operate most Electric Gates or Doors, proving these can operate using a Momentary N/O (normally open) or N/C (normally closed) Input signal (which most do as standard or with the help of an additional relay).

Q: Are the Output Relays adjustable in time Duration?
A: Yes (1 to 99 seconds).

Q: Is the Caller Station weatherproof?
A: Yes (IP54) together with the additional Hood (which provides even more protection).

Q: I have just added an additional Handset to my UltraCOM3, and both Handsets are now being Intermittent?
A: Please ensure that all Handsets and Caller Stations are working on the correct setting (1 or 2).

Q: Do I have to use the Hood?
A: The Caller Station is IP54 (but we do recommend using the hood as this provides additional protection against the weather).

Q: How many Handsets can I use with each UltraCOM3 Intercom?
A: There is no limit to how many Handsets can be used (you can have multiple Handsets in one Property and minimum in others to suit each Property).

Q: My Handset is Calling me, but the Visitor cannot hear me?
A: You need to press the side button on the Handset whilst talking (this is a security/privacy feature so that the Intercom is transmitting only when it is required).

Q: If I have multiple Handsets, can these communicate with each other?
A: Yes, the users could talk to all other Handsets (once communication is established then this connection will be private).

Q: How does the Handset Call?
A: Chime, Vibration & Flashing Feature.

Q: How do I operate a Gate or Door by using the Handset?
A: Once you have established that you are happy to allow the Visitor access, press the Unlock Button on the Handset (centre location).

Q: Is the Handset portable?
A: Yes the Handset is charged in the docking station provided, but is fully portable when charged.

Q: My Handset will not turn ON?
A: Hold and keep Holding the Red Telephone Symbol on the Handset (whilst the handset is in the charging cradle).
A: Ensure the Handset is sitting correctly inside the Charging Cradle.
A: Remote the Battery from the Handset for 5 seconds (then refit).

Q: The Caller Station will not Call the Handset, there is a Red Light staying ON?
A: Please power down the Caller Station for 5 seconds, and then Power back up.
A: Please remove the link to the Gate or Door Lock and test (if the Intercom then works please check the lock).

Q: Can the External Sound be adjusted on the Caller Station?
A: Yes there are settings 1 (low) to 5 (high).

Q: Does the Caller Station Chime when a Call is instigated?
A: By Default Yes (this can be turned OFF within the settings). 

Q: Is there a administrator Password?
A: Yes (8 digits) which is required to Enter the Caller Station Menu.

Q: How many Digits is the standard Caller Station Keypad used to operate connected devices?
A: 5 digits.