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Wireless Smart DIY Alarm with built in Telephone Dialler contacts key-holders by Telephone if activated.

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Wireless Smart DIY Alarm with built in Telephone Dialler contacts key-holders by Telephone if activated.

An impressive DIY Wireless Alarm which has a built in Telephone Dialler that will contact key-holders by Telephone when activated, together with many other features expected from the modern day Intruder Alarm.

This versatile Alarm System which operates on the popular 868 Mhz frequency can be used in many different ways including:

  • Small to Large Wireless Intruder Alarm System, for helping to Secure most Homes & Business Premises.
  • Small specialized Intruder Alarm to help protect a specialized applications (fuel tanks, floods, holiday homes, workshops etc).
  • Wireless Alert Systems (during the day) & Intruder Alarm (at night).
  • Wireless Gate Alert (during the day) & Alarm (during the night).
  • Wireless Driveway Alert (during the day) & Intruder Alarm (at night).
  • Wireless Smoke Siren Alarm.  
The Alarm System can work with as many Alarm Detectors as needed (no limit) allowing you to design a system to suit your exact requirements, you can purchase basic or more advanced kits and then simply add any additional detectors to make the exact Alarm System for you.
You can also add Battery Powered Sirens, Dummy Sirens, Remote Controls & Battery Powered Wireless Keypads.
The built in Telephone Dialler will contact up to 8 key-holders when triggered with your own pre-recorded message (the control panel plugs into a standard telephone line extension).

When key-holders are called by the Alarm Panel, the person receiving the call can carry out the following procedures:

  • Listen to the pre-recorded message.
  • Press # (within 10 seconds of the end of the message).
    • Press 1 to listen into the location of the alarm panel.
    • Press 3 to speak through the Alarm Panel.
    • Press # 1 or # 3 to toggle between the listen in & talk features.
    • Press # # to stop the alarm calling other key-holders.
When ## is pressed, the Alarm will turn OFF, but remain fully Armed !!. 
The Alarm Control Panel has all the features expected from a modern day Alarm Systems, including:   
  • Can be used as an Alarm or Alert (or both).
  • 8 Alarm Zones (can use unlimited number of Alarm Detectors).
  • Can be Armed & Disarmed by Wireless Keypad, Remote Control or Built in Keypad.
  • Up to 99 Remote Controls can be used with each Alarm System.
  • Any Remote Control can be removed from the Alarm Panel (for security reasons if one is lost).
  • It has a built in 120 Decibel Siren.
  • It has a Battery Back Up (with battery charge symbol visible when the power is unplugged).
  • It will operate for up to 6 hours on the Back Up  Battery.
  • Operates on 868 Mhz.
  • 200 metre (line of sight) Wireless Range.
  • Designed for Easy & Fast Installation.
  • 6 Modes of Operation:
    • Full Arm (the complete Alarm System is Armed).
    • Home Arm (only chosen Alarm Detectors are Armed, suitable for when you are at home).
    • Off Mode.
    • Alert Mode (works with the Alarm in the OFF & Home position).
    • Panic Alarm (can be done by pressing 2 buttons at the same time on both the Control Panel & Remote Control).
  • Adjustable Entry Delay (10 - 60 seconds).
  • Adjustable Exit Delay (10 - 60 seconds).
  • Adjustable Siren Duration (1 - 6 minutes).
  • Built in Tamper Protection.
This is a very easy to install, cost effective Wireless Alarm System, suitable for all types of different applications.


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