Rubber Hood for the UltraPIR GSM Alarm

Rubber Hood for the UltraPIR GSM Alarm



Rubber Hood designed to be used with the UltraPIR GSM PIR & BT PIR Alarm, the principle ideas of this Hood is to narrow the detection beam, to help the PIR blend into the background and to hide any visual indications when the PIR is Dialling out.

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Rubber Hood designed to be used with the UltraPIR GSM PIR Alarm or BT PIR, the principle ideas of this Hood are:

  • To Narrow the Detection Beam Down (idea for helping to keep the beam off the ground, away from certain parts of the building or avoiding bright sudden sun spots).
  • To Blend into the Background (sometimes a bright white PIR inside a Shed, Garage or Boat etc stands out visually to much for some customers).
  • Hides any visual indication of a Light on the PIR whilst it is Dialling Out (ideal for added security).
  • Helps with Weather Protection (although the PIR's are for use inside, this can help in damp buildings).

The Rubber Hood slides over the PIR from the top, it has a narrow front mounted aperture, but this can be made wider or larger by simply making it larger should you want better detection in a particular angle.

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  • 1 x Rubber Hood.
  • Colour: Black.
  • Material: Rubber.
  • Installation Method: Slide over PIR from the Top.
  • Front Aperture Size: 18 mm Diameter.