BT Wireless PIR Alarm with 2 x Remote Controls & additional Siren

BT PIR Alarm with a Wireless Indoor Siren & 2 x Remote Controls

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Popular Battery Powered BT Wireless PIR & Internal Siren Alarm System, both with 130 Decibel Siren's, armed & disarmed using the two remote controls supplied (from up to 100 metres away). Ideal Alarm for Sheds, Garages, Boats, Holiday Homes. 

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Our Popular Battery Powered BT PIR Wireless Alarm & additional Siren System, both with impressive 130 Decibel Siren's, they are Armed & Disarmed using the two Remote Controls (supplied) from up to 100 metres away.

Please Note: This is the Non-GSM Model, for customers wanting a Telephone Call & Text Messages please Click Here !!

These are an ideal DIY Alarm for many installations, the most popular being:

  • Sheds, Garages & Workshops.
  • Home Garden Offices.
  • Mobile Caravans.
  • Static & Park Homes.
  • Holiday Homes & Apartments.
  • Boats. 
  • Temporary Homes.
  • New Builds.

This Alarm System allows you to fit the Siren in locations that the intruder cannot reach, this may be:

  • Hidden away in the same building as the detector, totally out of reach (which is very easy to achieve).
  • In a different building, up to 100 metres away (could even be inside your home, ensuring you wake up).

The Wireless Siren is powered by 2 x AA batteries and has a built in 130 Decibel Siren, it is designed to trigger 15 seconds after the PIR Siren has been activated, adding to the discomfort of the Intruder, very easy and fast to install.

The Wireless PIR is powered by 3 x AA batteries, it has a built in 130 Decibel Siren and has a 30 second exit delay (plenty of time to leave the premises) and a 5 second entry delay (most customers will disarm the alarm before entering the building.

The PIR is weather rated to IP65, therefore ideal for damp buildings during the winter months, it has a 8 metre detection range and can be operated from up to 100 metres away using the remote control.

It has a low battery warning LED, when the batteries are low the LED will remain ON.

The Remote Controls (more can be added) have two very simple buttons, ON / OFF and can be used from 100 metres away allowing you to easily control the Alarm, you can use up to 9 with any single system. 

You can add additional Alarm accessories to this system (which can be used in a single network) now or in the future, options include:

  • External Solar Siren.
  • Additional Internal Sirens.
  • Magnetic Door or Window Contacts.
  • Additional PIR Alarms.
  • UltraPIR GSM Alarms (battery or mains versions).
  • Ceiling PIR's.

Very Affordable, Highly Recommended Battery Powered Alarm Range

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  • 1 x Wireless Battery Powered PIR, Mounting Bracket & Batteries.
  • 1 x Wireless Internal Siren & Batteries.
  • 2 x Remote Controls. 

PIR & Remote Control:

  • Alarm Detection Type: PIR (passive infrared detector).
  • Arming & Disarming Method: Remote Control.
  • Working Distance between PIR & Remote Control: 50 metres (line of sight).
  • Transmission Distance to additional Wireless Sirens: 50 metres (line of sight).
  • Built in Siren: Yes (130 decibels).
  • Exit Delay: Yes (30 seconds).
  • Entry Delay: Yes (5 seconds).
  • Siren Duration: 60 seconds (remains fully armed, until disarmed by remote control).
  • Detection Range: 8 metres.
  • Detection Horizontal Coverage: 120 Degrees.
  • Detection Vertical Detection: 90 Degrees.
  • PIR Power Supply: 3 x AA Batteries (supplied).
  • Remote Control Power Supply: 1 x 3v Lithium Coin Battery.
  • IP Rating: IP65.
  • Size of PIR: 68 (W) x 108 (H) x 36 (D) mm.
  • Size of Remote Control: 75 (H) x 45 (W) x 12 (D) mm.
  • PIR Battery Life: 12 - 18 months (normal use).
  • Warranty: 1 Year.


Wireless Internal Siren:

  • Built in Siren: Yes (130 Decibel).
  • Power Supply: 2 x AA Batteries.
  • Working Wireless Range: 50 metres (line of sight).
  • Size: 63 (W) x 85 (H) x 21 (D) mm.
  • Colour: Cream.
  • Siren Duration: 60 seconds (but remains fully armed).