Sale! Stand-alone 3G GSM UltraDIAL Perimeter Alarm with Siren Kit 2

No Power Required 3G GSM Wireless Perimeter Alarm with Siren Kit 2

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Our unique stand-alone Silent Battery 3G GSM Wireless Perimeter Alarm Kit 2 supplied with two sets of Solar Laser Beams connected to Wireless Transmitters, a Battery powered UltraDIAL 3G GSM Dialler & 1 x large independent Solar Siren. For locations with No Power !!


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Our unique stand-alone Battery powered Silent 3G GSM Wireless Perimeter Alarm supplied with:

  • 2 x sets of Solar Laser Beams (can be mounted up to 100 metres apart).
  • 2 x Wireless Transmitters (connected to the Beams by cable).
  • 1 x Battery powered UltraDIAL Wireless 3G GSM Dialler (would be hidden away out of sight).
  • 1 x large independent Solar Siren & Flashing LED Strobe.

For locations with No Access to a Power Supply, and allowing the GSM Dialler to be safely hidden away, it will contact key-holders by Phone & SMS, whilst the independent Siren (located away from the Dialler) is making a noise and flashing an LED !!

The system is supplied with two different Remote Controls, one will Arm & Disarm the GSM Dialler Alarm, the other will Arm & Disarm the independent Solar Siren, this means you can choose the have one or the other armed (or both) at the same time (to suit different times). 

How it works:

Both sets of Laser Beams are powered by built in lithium batteries which are charged and maintained by the built in Solar Panels, they need to be mounted (lined up to each other) up to 100 metres away (can be less) using the brackets supplied. The Beams have a pair of invisible infrared Beams (60 mm apart) both need to be breached at the same time (this avoids false alarms from small animals).

Each set of Beams have one Beam supplied with a twin core cable which are connected into Battery powered Wireless Transmitters, which would normally be fitted onto the back of a Post. 

The UltraDIAL 3G GSM Dialler is fully weatherproof (IP66) and powered by 3 x lithium AA Batteries and would be hidden away up to 30 - 40 metres away from each set of Beams.

The large Wireless Siren is also powered by a built in battery which is charged and maintained by the top mounted Solar Panel, it would be mounted away from location of the hidden GSM Dialler (to take away any attention from the dialler), it would be armed and disarmed using a remote control (more can be purchased) supplied from up to 50 metres away. It will work fully independent from the GSM Alarm Dialler.

The GSM Dialler is Armed or Disarmed using the Remote Control supplied (further remote controls can be purchased) from up to 100 metres away. When triggered the Alarm will contact up to three key-holders by Telephone (with your personal pre-recorded message) and SMS. You can select to turn the calls or text message off during programming.

If you have armed the Solar Siren, this will make the noise together with flashing a bright LED, the dialler function is silent.

This unique Perimeter Alarm allows you to protect up to 100 metres in even the most remote locations provided you do have a mobile signal on site, ideal for:

  • Yards.
  • Gateways.
  • Vacant Buildings.
  • The list is endless.

Contacting Key-holders:

The Dialler will contact between 1 & 3 key-holders (depending on how you have chosen to program the alarm) by Telephone & SMS (either can be turned off whilst programming the alarm) when activated.

It will normally take take between 30 - 60 seconds to call the first key-holder as the battery wakes up (this can vary depending on the mobile phone networks at the time).  

Recording Message:

You can record a 30 second message into the Alarm, which will be replayed to the key-holders when the Alarm calls them.

Arming & Disarming:

The Dialler & Siren are Armed & Disarmed by using the Remote Controls from up to 50 - 100 metres away.  
There is a 30 second Exit Delay built into the Alarm for easy use.

Receiving a Call:

When the Dialler calls the key-holders, there is the choice to:

  • Listen to your pre-recorded message and do nothing (the alarm will contact the other key-holders).
  • Listen to your pre-recorded message and press # on your telephone (this will disarm the UltraDial and prevent it from calling further key-holders).
  • Listen to your pre-recorded message and press * on your telephone (this will prevent it from calling further key-holders, but keep the Alarm fully armed (ready for further activations).

Wireless Transmitter:

The Wireless Transmitters supplied (which are connected to a Beam) are powered by a CR2 Lithium Battery and are mounted inside a weatherproof mounting box, the transmission range back to the UltraDIAL is 100 metres (line of sight) which equates to around 30 - 40 metres in most applications).

The boxes are designed for easy and quick installation.

Additional Beams:

It would be possible to add additional sets of Beams with Wireless Transmitters to this Alarm, all connecting to the 3G GSM UltraDIAL Dialler.

Wireless Alarm Detectors:

It is possible to add additional Wireless Sensors into the UltraDIAL should you have buildings nearby (20 - 40 metres away) that you want to also protect, these include:

  • Battery PIR's with Built in Sirens (007-0200).
  • Battery PIR's with a Hood & Siren (007-1410).
  • Battery UltraPIR's, can be used without the SIM Card but in Silent Mode (007-1150).
  • Battery UltraPIR's with a Hood used without the SIM Card in Silent Mode (007-1400).
  • Battery Wireless Door Contact (007-0260).

Easy Programming:

It is very easy to program, probably the easiest GSM Alarm to program on the market today by using the small built in keypad, following some very simple instructions.


The UltraDIAL is fully weatherproof and rated at IP66, so can be used in most locations, it is not however designed to be submerged.

Low Battery:

The Alarm will send the primary key-holder a SMS (text message) if the batteries are getting low.

Weekly Report:

The Alarm can be programmed to send you a status report once a week at 9am, this function can is optional and doesn't have to be used.

Security Screws:

The lid is fitted with 4 x security screws and a tool is supplied as standard.

Covert Branding:

Due to the fact that we believe this Alarm should be used as a Covert Alarm and hidden safely away from sight and reach whenever possible, we have kept the branding low key. 

Full Beam Information:

The 'R' Beams are supplied with a N/O & N/C Output Cable which are connected into the Wireless Transmitter, the second Beam has no cable connection.

The Beams also have the built in Wireless Transmitter which will trigger the Wireless Siren (004-2810) but can also be used with an indoor Receiver from up to 900 metres away (line of sight), ideal for customers wanting to possibly move the Beams between different locations and applications.

The Dual Detection Technology works by having a pair of Detectors (set 60 mm apart from each other) on each Beam, both Detectors have to be breached simultaneously to create an activation, allowing small animals, insects, leaves & debris to safely pass by. 

The Beams are supplied as a pair together with mounting brackets, they need to be installed in such a way that they are facing each other up to a maximum of 100 metres apart.

They are easy to line up using the built in screen together with the option of having a low audible beep a few seconds after being breached (which some customers like to keep turned on), while some customers use this feature during the initial set up mode.

The Beams are powered by built in lithium batteries which are charged and maintained by the built in Solar Panels, the Solar Panels require daylight to function, suitable for most outdoor applications.

There is an optional rear mounted charging point for customers who may have to fit one or both beams in the shade, these could then have a maintenance charge a few times a year using a plug in transformer or battery pack.

SIM Cards:

The Alarm uses a standard size SIM Card (PAYG or Contract), please be careful with some PAYG Contracts as they can remove your outstanding balance at the end of every month even if it hasn't been used, or cancel the Card with no notice if it hasn't been used. 
Because of this we do offer a Roaming (M2M) SIM Card for customers purchasing our alarms (at pure cost) because they are designed for use in Alarms, full details of these can be found (HERE), you will see the option of adding a SIM Card next to the Add to Cart Button.
If you purchase your own, you note you do not need Data when asked.

A unique Perimeter Alarm, Please Contact Us for Advice !!

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  • 2 x sets of 1B Beams (with cable connection).
  • 2 x sets of Beam mounting Brackets.
  • 2 x Wireless Transmitters inside Mounting Boxes.
  • 1 x UltraDIAL 3G GSM Alarm & Remote Control.
  • 1 x Large Solar Siren & 2 x Remote Controls.
  • 3 x Lithium AA Batteries.
  • 1 x Manual.
  • 1 x Tool.


  • Battery Power: 3 x Lithium AA Batteries (supplied).
  • Battery Life: 6 months in most applications).
  • Main Power: Yes (optional 5v DC plug in transformer).
  • Programming Method: Easy Built in Keypad.
  • Wireless Transmission Range: 100 metres.
  • Size: 160 (L) x 82 (W) x 42 (D) mm.
  • Colour: Black.
  • Wired Inputs: Yes (1 x Volt Free N/O or N/C).
  • Cable Entry: 2 x Glands.
  • Wireless Inputs: Yes (Wireless PIR's & Door Contacts).
  • Wireless Outputs: Yes (Internal & External Sirens, PIR's).
  • GSM: Yes (3G).
  • SIM Card Required: Yes (standard size).
  • Calls Key-holders: Yes (maximum of three, which can be turned off).
  • Sends Key-holders SMS: Yes (maximum of three, which can be turned off).
  • Built in Siren: No (designed as a covert alarm).
  • Mounting Method: 2 x Screw Holes in Flange.
  • Weatherproof: Yes (IP66).
  • Arming & Disarming Method: Remote Control, Keypad, Receiving A Call.
  • Remote Operation on Battery: Yes (# to Disarm, * to Stop & Remain Armed).
  • Remote Operation on Mains:  Yes (# to Disarm, * to Stop & Remain Armed, SMS to Arm, SMS to Disarm).
  • Power Failure Notification: Yes (when used with a plug in transformer).
  • Weekly Status Report: Yes (can be turned off).
  • Low Battery Notification: Yes (to primary key-holder).
  • Recording Message: Yes (this will be replayed to the key-holders when the alarm calls them).


  • Beam Size: 340 (H) x 123 (W) x 45 (D) mm.
  • Output Type: Momentary N/O or N/C.
  • Cable Length: 800 mm (2-core).
  • Power Supply: Re-chargeable AA Batteries.
  • Charging Method: Built in Solar Panels.
  • Mounting Methods: Wall or Pole.
  • Detection Range: 100 metres.
  • Wireless Transmission Range: 900 metres (line of sight).
  • Frequency: 433 Mhz.
  • IP Rating: IP66.
  • Distance Between Detection Beams: 60mm.
  • Number of Beams: 1 set.
  • Charging Port: 9 - 12v DC (500 m/A to 1 amp).

Wireless Transmitter:

  • Wireless Transmission Range to UltraDIAL: 100 metres (line of sight).
  • Transmitter Power Supply: 1 x CR2 Lithium Battery (included).
  • Transmitter Size: 52 x 32 x 12 mm.
  • Mounting Box: Plastic (with 4 x easy pre-drilled holes).
  • Box Size: 113 (W) x 153 (H) x 53 (D) mm.
  • Cable Length (between beams and transmitter): 800 mm (can be shortened or lengthened).
  • Trigger Type: N/C.
  • Weatherproof: IP65.

Solar Siren:

  • Size: 280 x 180 x 74 mm.
  • Siren Options:
    • Loud 4 second chime.
    • Full Siren & Flashing Strobe (duration 1 minute).
  • Siren Level: 90 decibel.
  • LED Illumination: 70 lm.
  • Wireless Working Range to Remote Control: over 100 metres (line of sight).
  • Wireless Working Range to Perimeter Beams: 500 - 900 metres (line of sight).
  • Mounting Method: Rear Plate.
  • Built in Battery: 3000mAH 6.4v.
  • Battery Type: Lithium.
  • Frequency: 433 MHz.
  • Working Temperature: -30 - +70.