SM Electronic Door Lock 1

SM Electronic Door Lock 1



A versatile surface mounting Electronic Door Lock Kit which allows a locked door to be operated via various devices including Intercoms, Keypads, Proximity Tags & Remote Controls (manual override keys supplied).

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A versatile surface mounting Electronic Door Lock Kit which allows a locked door to be operated via various devices and has a host of safety features, ideal for customers who struggle to get to their Door easily.

The devices that can be used to operate the lock include:

  • Wireless & Wired Intercoms.
  • ID Proximity Tags & Cards (one supplied of each).
  • Remote Controls (two supplied).
  • Keypads.
  • Push Buttons.

How it Works:

The Electronic Door Lock would be fitted onto the door, and the door latch would be fitted onto the adjacent door frame. The Door Lock needs to be powered by a 12v DC supply (not supplied as standard), to this you can connect Intercoms, ID Proximity Readers, Keypads, Push Buttons etc which when activated will operate the locking mechanism (a momentary 6 - 18v DC supply is required when connecting an Intercom, Keypad or Push Button to operate the Lock (please contact us for advice if required).

Their is a built in fail safe on the lock, if the lock doesn't properly engage into the latch after three attempts then a built in buzzer inside the lock will be activated, allowing the owners to be aware that their door is not properly closed and locked.

You can also alter the duration that the lock will be engaged after activation to suit specific applications.

When the Door is activated by any of the devices being used, the lock will withdraw onto the body for the selected duration allowing the door to be opened.


The initial programming of the Door Lock is done using a special Remote Control supplied, this allows you to alter various parameters to suit your application.

Audible Alerts:

There are two types of optional Alarms built into the Door Lock that can be used to increase safety & security if required, these are:

  1. If the Door is left Open (adjustable time 1 to 99 seconds).
  2. A 5 second Alarm (every time the door is operated). 

Manual Release:

The Door Lock comes with an Internal & External manual Keylock & 3 x Keys.

ID Proximity Tags & Cards:

You can use up to 2000 Proximity CardsTags which allow the owners to swipe the Card Reader from up to 50 mm away to operate the Door Lock, you can delete users as required.

Remote Controls:

The kit is supplied with 2 x Remote Controls, one is the programming Remote which can also be used to operate the Door Lock, the other one can be used from up to a few metres away.

This versatile Door Lock can be ideal for people that struggle to reach the Door easily, or for perhaps Doors that need to be used by many people.

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  • 1 x SM Electronic Door Lock 1.
  • 1 x Door Latch.
  • 1 x Programming Remote Control.
  • 1 x Operating Remote Control.
  • 1 x Proximity ID Card & Tag.
  • 1 x Tag Reader.
  • 1 x External Door Lock Assembly.
  • 3 x Keys.
  • Size of Door Lock: 130 (W) x 105 (H) x 40 (D) mm.
  • Size of Door Latch: 105 (H) x 40 (W) x 40 (D) mm.
  • Length of Protruding Lock: 20 mm.
  • Door Lock Material: Steel.
  • Manual Locks: Yes (internal & external).
  • Keys Supplied: Yes (three).
  • Power Supply: 12v DC (not supplied as standard).
  • Trigger Supply: 6 - 18v DC (momentary).
  • Working Current: 300 m/A.
  • Standby Current: 50 a/A.
  • Working Temperature: -20 - + 60 Degrees.
  • Internal Door Open Siren: Yes (5 second optional).
  • Door Left Open Siren: Yes (1 - 99 second optional).
  • ID Promity Reader: Yes (supplied).
  • ID Proxity Card & Tag Operation: Yes.
  • Proximity Card Types (EM).
  • Proximity Users: 2000.
  • Lock Fail Safe: Yes (Alarm will activate after three attempts).
  • Programming Method: Remote Control (supplied).
  • Remote Control Operation: Yes (one supplied).
  • Manual Key Release: Yes (internal & external).