Flashing Strobe Light

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Flashing Strobe Light, for use with many types of Security & Safety Systems.

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This weatherproof Flashing Strobe Light is a perfect addition to many types of Security & Safety Systems, ideal for locations with a lot of back ground noise or for the hard of hearing. 

This flashing strobe light would be connected directly into a 12v DC output of a Security & safety System, the duration of the 12v supply would determine the duration of the light activation.

The light is supplied with 3 meters of cable attached to the receiver as standard.

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  • 1 x Flashing Strobe Light
  • 1 x 3 metres of Twin Cable

  • Waterproof: Yes.
  • Power Supply: 12v DC.
  • Size: 70 Diameter x 27 Deep mm.
  • Mounting Method: Threaded Stud and Nut.
  • Cable Length: 3 metres