Protect 800 Long range 800 metre Gate or Door Contact

Wireless Gate Left Open Alert Transmitter Kit (Protect-800)



This Wireless Gate/Roller Shutter/Door Transmitter Kit is for use only with the Protect-800 Wireless Gate Open Alerts (our alerts that inform the owners that the gate, roller shutter or door has been left open).

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For Use with the Protect-800 Gate Open Alerts

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This Wireless Gate/Roller Shutter/Door Transmitter Kit is for use only with the Protect-800 Wireless Gate Open Alerts (our alerts that inform the owners that the gate, roller shutter or door has been left open).

The kit includes:

  • 1 x Magnetic Metal Gate/Door Contact.
  • 2 x Battery Transmitter Boards.
  • 1 x Weatherproof Mounting Box.

The two Battery powered Transmitter Boards are located inside a Weatherproof Box, the operating range back to any Protect 800 Receivers is 800 metres (line of sight), which equates to round 400 - 600 metres in most applications.

The Transmitters are powered by a 3v CR123A Battery (supplied) which would last 12 - 18 months in most applications, the Receivers would notify you in a low battery situation.

Connected to this Transmitter Box is a Wired Contact with an armoured protective sleeve, the Contact would be fitted to the Gate Post (or door frame or floor if used with door or roller shutter contact). 

The Magnet would be fitted to the Gate, Door or Roller Shutter Door, it is supplied with an optional right hand mounting bracket to aid installation.

A Wireless signal will be transmitted to the relevant Receiver (or receivers) each time the Gate/Door is opened and closed.

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  • 2 x Protect 800 Transmitters inside a weatherproof Box with Battery.
  • 1 x Wired N/O & N/C Gate Contact Kit.


  • Wireless Range: 800 metre (line of sight).
  • Power Supply: 1 x 3v Lithium CR123A Battery.
  • Battery Life: 12 - 18 months (most applications).
  • Size: 65 x 33 x 15 mm.
  • Activation Methods:
    • Wired Input: Yes (N/O or N/C Momentary Volt Free, when used as a circuit board).

Mounting Box:

  • Material: Plastic.
  • Weatherproof: IP65.
  • External Size: 150 (L) x 85 (W) x 34 (D) mm.
  • Internal Size: 106 (L) x 76 (W) x 28 (D) mm.
  • Label: V range.

Magnetic Contact:

  • Switch Type: Normally Open or Normally Closed.
  • Size of Switch: 105 x 37 x 10 mm.
  • Cable Length to Switch: 360 mm.
  • Cable Protection: Armoured.
  • Magnet Size: 105 x 15 x 15 mm.
  • Right Hand Bracket Size: 105 x 50 x 50 mm.
  • Use with: Gate, Door or Roller Shutter.