Reolink Go G340 4G Camera

4G Battery Camera - 4K (8MP) / Smart Detection / Black & White Night Vision / IP65 / 128GB (Reolink Go)


  • Smart detection (humans/vehicles/animals).
  • 4K resolution (8 Megapixels).
  • 3G/4G network connection.
  • 100% battery-powered (optional solar panel).
  • Black & white night vision (infrared spotlights).
  • Outdoor use (IP65 rating).
  • Free app (iOS/Android).
  • Push notification.
  • 128GB Micro SD card.

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4G Battery Stand-alone Camera !!

  • No SIM Card Thank You
  • Add 4G Data SIM Card Please

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This impressive 4G Camera has just got even better, the features include:

  • Smart detection technology (detects humans, vehicles & animals) which avoids false alarms.
  • 4K resolution (8 Megapixels) great quality images.
  • Live Streaming (using a phone through the Free app).
  • View Recordings (using a phone through the Free app).
  • 3G/4G network connection.
  • 100% battery-powered (optional solar panel).
  • Easy & quick installation.
  • Push notification & email onto your phone (be informed if the Camera detects movement).
  • Black & white night vision (infrared spotlights).
  • 10 metre night vision.
  • Outdoor use (IP65 rating).
  • Free app (iOS/Android).
  • 128GB Micro SD card supplied FOC.
  • Two-way audio.
  • Built in optional Siren.

This 4G battery Camera boasts a UHD 4K (8MP) lens, ensuring no detail goes unnoticed. Infrared LEDs allow you to monitor your property and record vivid images and videos, even in the darkest conditions. Using artificial intelligence, the camera can detect and classify intruders as a person, vehicle, or animal, delivering precise alert notifications. The antenna ensures strong 4G network reception, making setup straightforward for this feature-rich camera.


4K Video Quality for Unmatched Clarity:

Our 4K security camera offers a high-definition resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels, capturing every detail with remarkable precision. This ensures effective surveillance in various scenarios. The camera's clarity aids in identifying an individual's features in dark or distant areas, supports facial recognition, license plate reading, and monitoring valuable assets. Its detailed view is crucial for high-activity environments, like busy traffic areas or shopping centres, to detect suspicious behaviour. With our 4Ksecurity camera, no detail goes unnoticed!


Quick and Easy Setup
This 4G camera offers a simple setup process, thanks to its advanced technology. All you need is the camera (with its own SIM card, not included) and a smartphone:

Download the app from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or Windows Store.
Scan the camera's QR code through the app to sync it automatically.
Create a password.

That's it! The camera is ready to go. You can install it anywhere!

Access the camera remotely to monitor your home at any time. The app notifies you whenever it records a video (upon detecting movement).

Sim Cards:

Sim Card

This camera requires a 4G SIM card with data enabled. You have the option to add a data SIM card to your order by the "Add to cart" button at the top of the page.

Details are provided below:

  • Type: Multi-network Roaming 2G, 3G & 4G Data SIM Card
  • Compatibility: Suitable for 4G cameras and other data devices
  • Data: Preloaded with 1GB

Activation Process:

  • Upon receiving your SIM card, please visit the supplier’s website at to register and activate it. Activation requires the ICCID number and is a legal requirement.
  • Once activated, the preloaded 1GB of data will be available for use in your 4G camera or other compatible devices.

Subscription Options:

You can sign up for a Direct Debit of £10 per month, which provides an additional 1GB of data monthly. Please note that this Direct Debit must be set up within 30 days of SIM activation. Failure to set up the Direct Debit within this period will result in the SIM being deactivated. If not activated within 90 days, the SIM will be *permanently deactivated*, and the associated phone number will be recycled by the network providers.

Smart Detection

Alerts for the Presence of People, Vehicles, and Animals

This camera is equipped with advanced smart detection technology. You'll be notified immediately if it detects a human, vehicle, or animal in its field of view. This provides a substantial advantage, enabling you to identify suspicious individuals loitering around your property or unwelcome vehicles, such as those parked in your private spaces.


Select 'Motion Detection', 'Human Detection', 'Vehicle Detection', and/or 'Animal Detection'. You'll receive an alert based on the selected options. For instance, if you check all options and a dog passes through the camera's field of view, you'll receive an animal detection alert, while a human triggers a human detection alert.

Recordings and notifications are independent, each with its own activation schedule. For instance, you can set recordings for all detections but only receive notifications when a human is detected at night, limiting phone alerts. This feature is unique on the market!

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Smart Real-Time Alert

Receive app push notifications, email notifications and sound alerts when motion is detected. You can still adjust detection sensitivity to get more precise alerts.

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Live View from Anywhere

Watch smooth live view at any time to keep an eye on your home, office, farm, etc.

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Smart Playback

Filter the saved videos by event type and timeline to quickly find the clip you want

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Customizable Motion Zone

Decide to receive alerts from which areas and which not by customizing motion zones.

Weather and Dust Resistant (IP65)
Our camera, certified with an IP65 waterproof rating, provides superior protection against weather and dust. This classification ensures your camera can withstand challenging outdoor conditions, including heavy rain, snow, and strong winds. Install it confidently outside your home, in your garden, on a commercial building, or at an industrial site, ensuring reliable and durable surveillance in any environment.



The Camera is Battery powered (which will operate for around two months without a charge with moderate usage) but is supplied with a charging cable allowing you to charge it when required. You can also add Solar Panels or a second battery to help with the operation.

Hear and Be Heard
The camera features a microphone and speaker, allowing you to communicate directly with guests, delivery drivers, or warn off suspicious individuals. You can set up the speaker to trigger a siren (70dB) upon detecting a person, or activate it manually via the dedicated app.

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  • 1 x 4K 8MP Smart 4G Camera (Reolink Go G340), Fully Wireless.
  • 1 x Rubber Protection (Forest Camouflage Pattern).
  • 1 x Mounting Template.
  • 1 x Wall Mount.
  • 1 x Reset Needle.
  • 1 x Surveillance Sticker.
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide.
  • 1 x Set of Screws and Wall Plugs.
  • 1 x USB-C Cable.
  • 1 x Strap.
  • 1 x KINGSTON CANVAS Select™ Plus Micro-SD Card - UHS-I Class 10 / FHD Special 100MB / SDCS2 / 128GB.

Video & Audio

  • Image Sensor: 1/2.7" CMOS.
  • Video Resolution: 3840 × 2160 (8 megapixels) @15fps.
  • Video Compression: H.265.

Field of View:

  • Horizontal: 105°.
  • Vertical: 55°.
  • Diagonal: 125°.

Infrared Night Vision:

  • Up to 10 meters (33 feet); LEDs: 6pcs/0.8W/850 nm (Automatically switches with IR cut filter).

Frame Rate:

  • Primary: 10 fps - 15 fps (default: 15 fps).
  • Secondary: 10 fps - 15 fps (default: 15 fps).

Bit Rate:

  • Primary: 1024 Kbps - 4096 Kbps (default: 3072 Kbps).
  • Secondary: 64 Kbps - 672 Kbps (default: 672 Kbps).


  • Two-way audio

Operating Environment

  • Operating Temperature: -10°C ~ +55°C (14°F ~ 131°F).
  • Operating Humidity: 20% ~ 85%.
  • Weather Resistance: IP65.

Size & Weight

  • Dimensions: Φ75 x 194 mm.
  • Weight (including battery): 450 g.


  • Battery: 28 Wh rechargeable battery (Battery life varies based on settings, usage & temperature.).
  • Solar: Compatible with Reolink Solar Panel 2 (6W).


  • Power Port: USB Type-C.
  • SD Card Slot: Supports microSD cards up to 128 GB.
  • SIM Card Slot: Nano.
  • Reset Button: YES.
  • Audio Input/Output: Built-in microphone and speaker.

Other Features

  • Smart Alarm: PIR detection; person detection; vehicle detection; animal detection.
  • PIR Detection Distance: Adjustable up to 10 m (33 ft).
  • PIR Detection Angle: 120° horizontal.
  • Recording Modes: Triggered recording; Time Lapse supported.
  • Smart Home Compatibility: Google Assistant; Amazon Alexa.
  • Cloud Storage: Supports Reolink Cloud (available in selected countries).

3G/4G Bandwidth

  • Europe: LTE FDD: B1/B3/B7/B8/B20/B28A; WCDMA: B1/B8.
  • America: LTE FDD: B2/B4/B5/B12/B13/B14/B66/B71.
  • Australia: LTE FDD: B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B28; WCDMA: B1/B5/B8.


  • Supported Operating Systems: PC: Windows, Mac OS; Smartphone: iOS, Android.
  • Protocols & Standards: SSL, TCP/IP, UDP, UPNP, SMTP, NTP, P2P.
  • User Access: Max. 12 simultaneous streams (2 primary & 10 secondary.