XL Wireless DIY Alarm & Alert System  

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One of the most Flexible & Affordable Wireless Alarm Systems available, can be used in Alarm & Alert mode.

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One of the most Flexible & Affordable Wireless Alarm Systems available, can be used in Alarm & Alert mode.



The popular XL Alarm System is a very flexible & affordable Security System, it can be used in many ways ranging from a small wireless alarm system protecting a garage, outbuilding or small apartment, to a much larger home or business premises, incorporating a telephone dialer, solar powered wireless siren & a wide selection of detectors.   

The XL Wireless Alarms are designed for easy DIY (self fit) Installation, and we have Telephone Sales advice to help you choose the correct system for your application, together with full Telephone support for after purchase to ensure you get the best from the chosen system. This support continues during and after the warranty periods in the unlikely event of you having a problem. 

The unique receiver can be used as both an alarm system & simple alert system at the same time, it has a built in 100 decibel siren together with a chime & beep facility, giving the keyholders two different modes of operation:

  1. Full Alarm: this would activate a 100 decibel internal siren, with the option of two types of additional loud external wireless sirens (plug in & solar charged) when activated.
  2. Alert: this would activate a low level audible alert giving the owners notification that a visitor is approaching, or a door has been opened by a child etc (totally independent of the alarm system).

The 4 - channel receiver can be used with up to 12 detectors in full alarm mode & 4 detectors in alert mode, the range between the receiver and wide selection of detectors is 80 metres (line of sight), ideal for placing detectors within outbuildings or in the driveway & garden (being used as external alerts). Powered by a plug in transformer & and uses standard AAA batteries as backup power.    

There is a wide selection accessories including:

  • External PIR's (ideal for the alert modes).
  • Internal PIR's.
  • Magnetic Door Contacts (for both doors & windows).
  • Water Detectors (protection from expensive water leaks).
  • Vibration Switches (ideal for vulnerable glass or rear access doors).
  • Tilt Switches (ideal for garage doors).
  • Temperature Detectors.
  • Wireless Wall Socket Switches.
  • External Solar Powered Sirens (no cables or power required).
  • External & Internal Additional Wireless Sirens (ideal for inside outbuildings or spare rooms).
  • Wireless Battery Powered Keypad (allows you to install the receiver in the most convenient location).
  • Remote Control (convenient arming & disarming, plus a built in panic button).
  • WirelessTelephone Auto-Dialer (allows the dialer to be easily located near to a telephone extension socket).


A very flexible Wireless Alarm System, easy & quick to install.
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