4G CCTV Cameras 

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4G CCTV Cameras

Our 4G cameras connect to mobile networks using thier own SIM cards (not supplied), functioning just like a mobile phone. We offer 4G cameras that are compatible with most UK mobile operators, ensuring broad usability. For average use, expect approximately 1 GB of data usage per camera, although this can vary. Ultra Secure's cutting-edge_ cameras allow for remote viewing on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Videos are recorded either during motion detection or via a live feed, accessible at any time and from anywhere in the world!


4G Cameras

Discover our selection of 4G cameras, allowing you to monitor even the most remote locations! With 4G connectivity, these cameras enable you to keep an eye on your home, business, or production site 24/7, receiving instant alerts in case of motion detection.


With 4G cameras, you can customise your surveillance system to meet your specific needs by choosing from various types of cameras (rotating, wide-angle, dome, dual-lens, etc.) that best suit your environment. Whether you're looking to monitor a small property or a complex production site, our selection of 4G cameras will meet your needs.


We offer the Ultracam 4G system, which pairs a 4G controller with any cameras of your choice. This device allows you to set up a surveillance camera network wherever you need it!

With the UltraCAM 4G controller, you can tailor your surveillance system to your specific requirements by choosing from our wide range of camera types (rotating, wide-angle, dome, dual-lens, etc.).

SMART SURVEILLANCE In addition to video surveillance, 4G cameras also offer real-time notification features to alert you in case of motion detection (if the cameras are equipped with this function).

Notifications and Smart Features

When movement is detected, the system sends a notification to your connected devices (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) that have the provided free app (compatible with Windows, Android, macOS, iOS). Furthermore, as detection algorithms improve, if the camera has a sensor compatible with "smart surveillance," you can receive a notification specifying the nature of what was detected (a human / a vehicle / an animal).

4G SIM CARD REQUIRED To function and provide a secure network, 4G cameras require an activated SIM card from a mobile operator with a data plan. The SIM card must be in NANO format. For the necessary data plan, expect a minimum of 1 GB/month per camera (data usage varies depending on your use, making it difficult to provide general realistic values).

TIP: If you do not wish to subscribe to a new plan for your 4G cameras, you can use your existing plan, depending on the mobile operator. If you have a plan with a significant amount of unused data, consider a "multi SIM" option. This is a duplicate of your SIM card that some operators offer with your phone plan (check your eligibility with your operator). This card will only use the data from your primary plan.


4G cameras can be installed anywhere; however, it is important to consider their power supply. The devices are equipped with rechargeable batteries via a USB cable. They can also be connected to a solar panel for daytime recharging.

Our Ultracam 4G systems come with a 12V transformer with a backup battery to ensure the 4G cameras are always operational.

RECORDING AND STORAGE The 4G camera system also allows for video recording of detected events (for evidence if needed). The footage is stored on an SD card (optional), providing an easy and efficient storage solution. Images can be retrieved by connecting the SD card to a computer, giving you full access to all recorded footage. If your cameras are installed in hard-to-reach locations, don't worry! Recordings can be easily viewed online via the free app available on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

SD Card Recording, Cloud Storage, and Streaming

(An online "Cloud" storage solution is also available for a subscription fee.)


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