Shed Alarms

Fitting an Alarm into your Shed can be an easy and quick solution to help protecting your valuable goods inside.   Sheds can and often store a lot of valuable equipment such as Push Bikes, Hand & Power Tools, Lawnmowers, Golf Clubs, Fishing Equipment & Gardening Equipment, all these products can be easy to carry… Read More »

What is a Driveway Alarm

Driveway Alarms (or Alerts) were first established in the U.S 25 years or more ago, they are designed to monitor mainly outside locations around your Home or Business, but they can also be used to monitor various internal locations such as Outbuildings, Garages, Workshops & Sheds. They are used to detect both Intruders, Visitors or… Read More »

Protecting Your Holiday Home

Protecting your Holiday Home !! Having a Holiday Home is a lot of peoples dream come true, after working hard for many years to obtain one, the thought of being able to go to your own place at any time (no need to pre-plan or pre-book) is just what the doctor ordered. Holiday Homes vary… Read More »

Top 5 DIY Home Security Gadgets

Top 5 Ultra Secure Direct DIY Home Security Gadgets 2021 There are a multitude of DIY Security products now available to help protect your Home, Business & Family, quite often it is more beneficial (and cost effective) to use two or even three different products, than to invest in one large, expensive & complex system.… Read More »

Meet the Team (Ultra Secure Direct)

Ultra Secure Direct supply many types of Security & Communication devices throughout many Sales outlets around the UK, France & Globe including: Our website. Phone Calls: 0044 (0) 1604 589414). Trade Persons. UK Police Forces. Government Departments. Exhibitions. European Dealers (including our French Company). Visitors into our Northampton Consultation Room. The products are often bespoke… Read More »

What Outdoor Alarm Sensor should I Use?

What type of Outdoor Alarm Sensor should I use for my Outdoor Alarm & Alert systems, four common models are listed below: PIR (passive infrared):   Positives: These are the quickest and easiest Sensors to fit. Most have a detection range from 10 – 15 metres. There is no complicated lining up, nothing to aim… Read More »

Wi-Fi Flood Light & Covert CCTV Camera

These new Wi-Fi Security Lights & Covert CCTV Cameras from Ultra Secure Direct are a great addition to any Home or Business Security: The long list of features include: A Working Flood Light (therefore having a use not just for your Security, but also providing a Light for you in the hours of darkness). A… Read More »

Remote Location GSM Vehicle Alarm

We were asked to attend a site by the Police in a UK County to see if we could come up with any ideas or solutions to help with a particular large problem they were having. The problem was that an undesirable group of individuals were (and still are) carrying out gruesome and illegal Deer… Read More »

Dog Theft on the Rise

With the Covid-19 Lockdown has come an unprecedented ownership of Pets, with Dogs probably being  the most popular. But sadly the side effect of this popularity is an unprecedented rise in prices, which in turn makes it far more appealing to the wrong type of people, some have realised that they can steal a Dog with… Read More »