Battery GSM UltraPIR Shed & Garage Alarm 

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Battery GSM Alarms (as seen on TV) contacts Key-holders by Telephone & Text Message & activate a 130 Decibel Sirens when triggered.

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Battery GSM Alarms (as seen on TV) contacts Key-holders by Telephone & Text Message & activate a 130 Decibel Sirens when triggered.

These Best Selling battery powered UltraPIR PIR Alarms will contact up to three Key-Holders by Telephone (with your own personal pre-recorded message) followed by a Text Message in the event of being activated.

Now available in a 3G version together with the standard 2G models.

This Alarm was shown on the BBC ONE TV Program 'Break-in Britain' during September 2015 as an example of a new breed of Security Alarms. 


The PIR is powered by 3 x standard AA Batteries although a plug in mains adapter can be added for customers who have access to a power supply. If the mains adapter is used, you can still add the batteries which will act as a battery back up.

The unique Battery Powered UltraPIR Alarms are ideal for helping to protect your Shed, Garage or any Remote Building, they can be used singularly or in a wireless network with any of the following products:

You only need to have one UltraPIR operating with a SIM Card when using a wireless network, if any PIR is triggered within range of the PIR with a SIM card installed, it will start to call the key-holders.

On the latest 2017 3G UltraPIR's, the Text messages feature can be turned OFF by pressing the Pairing Button + #9#, and the Telephone feature can be turned OFF by pressing Pair Button + *9*, ideal for customers wishing to receive just a Text or Phone Call.

The UltraPIR have a built in 130 Decibel Sirens which can be operated in silent mode, whilst it is in silent mode the PIR will still trigger any other Siren within the Wireless Network resulting in plenty of noise for the Intruder, without drawing attention to the PIR which is actually calling the key-holders.

It is common to Alarm a group of Sheds or Garages with a single system, you may have a PIR in each building (provided they are within 20 - 30 metres of each other), a Solar Siren located on a central building and an Internal Siren inside the house (provided the house is within 20 - 30 metres).

The system is Armed & Disarmed using Remote Control from up to 50 metres away.

It is not only Remote buildings need this Telephone function, because even if the building is next to your house, you are not always inside your house. 

These Alarms are ideal for many types of buildings including:

  • Sheds.
  • Garages.
  • Workshops.
  • Beech Huts.
  • Stables.
  • Containers. 
  • Remote Buildings.

They are Armed & Disarmed by Remote Control (from up to 50 metres away), and can also be Disarmed by Telephone after a Key-Holder has received a call.

Please click here to see and independent video showing the UltraPIR from a customer that purchased one from us.  

Why would you choose a 3G UltraPIR over the standard UltraPIR?

The standard UltraPIR (which operates on the older 2G networks) works perfectly well in most of the UK & Europe, and may do so for many years to come.

But it is no secret that the mobile phone network suppliers are concentrating on increasing there 3 & 4G coverage, as this is what is required for using data (internet usage on smart phones & tablets) which also generates the most income. It is strongly suspected that this concentration on 3 & 4G expansion by most providers can at times be to the detriment of a current 2G network, it may be that a mast supplying 2G has a problem and that fault would not take priority resulting in a temporary (or permanent) loss of the 2G network in locations being covered by the mask.

The 3G UltraPIR is also compatible with 2G, therefore there is less risk of the Alarm not being able to contact key-holders in the future due to a network issue, the extra investment is really future proofing your purchase.  

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