Commercial Long Range Wireless Entry Bells 

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Commercial Long Range Wireless Entry Bells

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Commercial Long Range Wireless Entry Bells

Ultra Secure have a wide range of Long Range Wireless Entry Bells suitable for use in all types of Commercial applications, the range between the Transmitter & Receiver is an impressive 800 metre (line of sight) range.

The Wireless Entry Bells are simple and quick to install allowing most customers to use their own staff for the installation, or if using a contractor the cost is minimal.

You can use multiple Push Buttons & multiple Wireless Receivers to suit nearly any commercial application.

They are made up of the following components:

Push Button:

These Heavy Duty Push Buttons are installed into the desired location and connected to the Battery Powered Wireless Transmitter by a short length (3 metre) of bell cable (this cable can be lengthed if required).

The Push Buttons either have 'Please Ring' or a 'Bell Symbol' etched into the surface, or Plain.

Wireless Transmitter:

These Wireless Transmitters are powered by a 3v Lithium Battery although we have on many occasions supplied them with a Plug in Transformer connected which is prefered in some Commercial applications.

They are fully weatherproof, so they can be mounted onto the back of a Gate Post, or quite often they will be fitted inside of a Factory or Warehouse wall to give better Wireless range.

The range to the Receiver is 800 metres (line of sight) which in most Commercial applications relates to around 400 metres, we can lake signal Repeaters up upon request.

Wireless Receivers:

The Wireless Receivers are powered by a plug in transformer and have a built in adjustable Chime with a volume up to around 85 Decibel, there is no limit to how many Receivers are used.

The Receivers also have a 12v DC Output which is normally used to activate Wired SirensBells or Flashing Lights (or a combination of any three).

The duration of these Sirens, Bells & Flashing Lights can be set from 1 second to 10 minutes to suit your environment.

There are also 4 x Dry Output Relays which can be used to trigger Auto-Diallers or Lighting Systems (through additional timer relay boards).

Please see below some example applications:

  • Push Button on the Entry Door, Wireless Transmitter fitted inside the building (connected by bell cable), Wireless Receiver plugged into a socket inside a Office with a Loud Bell or Siren fitted outside the office (connected by bell cable).
  • Two Push Buttons fitted into 2 Entry Locations, two Wireless Transmitters fitted inside the building (connected by bell cable), one Wireless Receiver located inside an Office, an additional Receiver fitted inside the Warehouse with a Loud Bell or Siren connected.

These are ideal if you need a Entry Bell for your Commercial or Industrial application, please contact us if you need further advice !!

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