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Emergency Domestic Lighting & Torches that Automatically switch on in the event of a Power Cut.

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Emergency Domestic Lighting & Torches that Automatically switch on in the event of a Power Cut.


Emergency Lighting is used to help reduce the number of accidents, injuries & even deaths caused by fire, flood and other emergency situations.A selection of light fixtures are installed in buildings that allow occupants to quickly exit safely via  exit routes and doors. These include flood lamps, exit signs and escape path lighting, as well as a number of other fixtures.

All emergency exit lighting should be tested at least monthly to ensure satisfactory operation. These tests ideally should be performed after working hours to avoid panic among staff and visitors. In businesses that are in use around the clock, testing may be done in phases or on alternating fixtures. During testing, the main power supply should be switched off to ensure that backup power supplies are functioning properly. Once the main power is restored, battery charging supplies must be inspected to ensure they are charging as designed.

Ultra Secure have a choice of Emergency Lighting Systems with different characteristics and uses including a permanent wall mounted model, a permanent & portable model plus a unique torch that has a charging cradle that illuminates during a power failure.

Power Failure LED Torches;

We stock a range of Plug in Portable LED Torches which will automatically switch on in the event of a Power Cut, ideal to help you find your way around the House or Office or to find the consumer unit. 

These would simple be left plugged into a 13 amp wall socket, if the power fails then the Torches will Switch ON allowing you to safely find them, then you can remove them and use them as a traditional Torch.

Some of the LED Torches can also act as a Night Light & Power Failure Light.


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