External Battery Wireless Siren Alarm Systems 

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Battery Powered Wireless PIR Alarm Systems, No Power Required, Easy & Quick to Fit.

Battery Powered Wireless PIR Alarm Systems, No Power Required, Easy & Quick to Fit.

These Popular Alarms need No Power, and are very Easy, Fast & Practical to Install & Operate, and are used in many different applications including:

  • Farm Yards
  • Scaffolding
  • Building Sites
  • Work Yards
  • Lorry Parks
  • Church Roofs
  • Rear Gardens
  • The List is Endless

This range of External Wireless Alarms is made up of three parts: 

  • A Battery Powered Wireless Siren which doubles up as the Control Panel.
  • A Remote Control or Wireless Keypad to Arm & Disarm the System.
  • External Wireless PIR Detectors.

This Battery Powered Wireless Siren doubles up as the Control Panel therefore making it Easy, Fast & Practical to fit in almost any location, although should you want to power it with a plug in transformer from a nearby building, this is possible.
The Siren has a built in Tamper Switch, and when activated will trigger the built in 120 Decibel Sirens & Flashing Strobe Lights for a pre-selected duration from 1 to 10 minutes.
There is no limit to how many Detectors are programmed into the Siren, you can also utilize more than one Siren for maximum effect.

The Siren can be Armed & Disarmed using Remote Controls or Wireless Keypad from up to 50 metres away, although the Keypad is not weatherproof therefore would need to be fitted inside a suitable dry location.

The system is supplied with Wireless PIR's but you can add additional Wireless Sensors including: 

  • Additional External or Internal Wireless PIR's (detect moving objects).
  • Internal or External Wireless Magnetic Contacts (used on opening doors or gates).
  • Wireless Vibration Sensors.
  • Wireless Pressure Mats.
  • Wireless Water & Flood Sensors.

The External PIR's are supplied with a unique rubber hood which narrow the Detection Beams down, designed to avoid detecting small ground animals, the aperture can be very easily opened up using a knife or scissors should a wider detection area be required.

Both the PIR's and Magnetic Contacts can be used over 100 metres away (line of sight) from the location of the Siren.

The system operates on 868 Mhz !!

A system which is very Quick & Easy to Install, suitable for many types of applications.

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