Solar Powered Wireless Siren & Flashing Strobe Light & Remote Controls

DA600+ Solar Wireless Siren & Flashing Strobe Light

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DA600+ Solar Powered Wireless Siren & Strobe works directly with all of our DA600+ Wireless Alarms (no power required). 

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Solar Powered Wireless DA600+ Siren & Bright Flashing LED Strobe Lights works in conjunction with all DA600+ Wireless Alarms (no power required), it can be used with or without an additional Internal Alarm Receiver.

The Siren doubles up as the control panel and is Armed & Disarmed using a Remote Control from up to 100 metres away, the Siren can be programmed to operate in two ways:

  • Alarm (in this mode once the Siren is Armed it will trigger a 110 Decibel Siren together with very bright Flashing LED Strobe Lights should any Detectors being activated).
  • Alert (this mode will omit a Chime & Flashing Strobe or Strobe only, designed to be a visitor Alert for businesses where staff are working outside in a yard etc).
  • Duration up to 60 seconds (adjustable).

This is a great additional to all DA600+ Alarm System, it can also be used as a Wireless Panic Alarm using a Remote Control or special Wireless Panic Buttons to help with personal Security or Medical issues.

It is fitted onto a wall using a simple mounting bracket, it would be best to be fitted on a South facing wall if possible.

It can be used with a multitude of Detectors & Sensors including:

  • Wireless Perimeter Beams (4 sizes).
  • Wireless PIR's (2 types).
  • Wireless Magnetic Door Contact.
  • Wireless Smoke Detector.
  • Wireless Panic Button.

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  • 1 x Solar Powered Siren.
  • 2 x Remote Controls.
  • 1 x Mounting Plate.
  • 1 x Set of Instructions.
  • Size: 280 x 180 x 74 mm.
  • Siren Options:
    • Loud 4 second chime.
    • Full Siren & Flashing Strobe (duration 1 minute).
  • Siren Level: 90 decibel Chime mode, 110 decibel Siren mode.
  • LED Illumination: 70 lm.
  • Wireless Working Range to Remote Control: over 100 metres (line of sight).
  • Wireless Working Range to Perimeter Beams: 500 - 900 metres (line of sight).
  • Mounting Method: Rear Plate.
  • Built in Battery: 3000mAH 6.4v.
  • Battery Type: Lithium.
  • Frequency: 433 MHz.
  • Working Temperature: -30 - +70.