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A selection of Shed & Garage Security Products.

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A selection of Shed & Garage Security Products.


It is a fact that theft from Shed's & Garages are among the most common type of crimes around, there are several reasons for this, the mains ones being:

  • They are normally the easiest of Targets.
  • They are often situated in locations that make it less likely to be caught, with easy escape routes if disturbed.
  • The valuables stored (lawn mowers, tools, golf clubs, fishing equipment, quad bikes) can be easily sold off for healthy profits with little chance of them being traced.
  • They are the types of buildings that a make a forced entry easy & quick.
  • It is less likely that any noise made would be heard (especially on dark windy nights).
  • They are less likely to be protected by Alarms or CCTV.
  • Very Importantly, if caught the Police or Courts will view it with less seriousness than if it was a home or business.

Ultra Secure have used their years of experience to put together a range of affordable Security products, designed to help Secure & Protect buildings such as Shed's, Garages, Log Cabins, Containers etc, all designed with simple DIY in mind.

The products include Wireless Alarms, Locks, Chains, Ground Anchors, Security Posts, Dummy CCTV & Signs

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