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A selection of Fully Telescopic Security Posts & Bollards, designed to help you Protect your Vehicles & Property.

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A selection of Fully Telescopic Security Posts & Bollards, designed to help you Protect your Vehicles & Property.

Fully Telescopic Security Posts & Bollards are by far the strongest type that you can choose, this is due to the fact that more material remains underground than above (similar principle to an iceberg), the top section slides manually up and down the inside of the base section (which is cemented into the ground), when the posts are raised they lock into place with a locking device (which varies between models), when the post is not in use the ground is left fully flush meaning no pedestrians can trip over or vehicles can be damaged.

The Bollards which are often also referred to as Retractable Bollards, Pull Up or Lift Up Bollards are ideal for both Domestic situations protecting a Driveway & Industrial situations placed in front of the Building, Gateway or Rollar Shutter Doors.

They can be locked using either Padlocks or Integral Locks (depending on which models are chosen) and are often used in Anti-Ram applications.

They are manually lifted out of the ground to use, and simply lowered back into the ground when not required, when down they are safe to passing Vehicles and Pedestrians as there are to parts left protruding from the ground.

They are available in various sizes & colours !!

These posts are simple to install providing you have access to some digging tools, please see the basics of the process listed below:

  1. Dig a hole approximately 750 mm deep by 300 mm x 300 mm square (varies between modules).
  2. Use the Post or Bollard as a template, keep lowering the post into the hole until it is approximately 100 - 200 mm beneath the ground surface (the higher the water table the deeper you are best to go).
  3. Drop large type gravel into the bottom of the hole until such time that the post is just above flush to the ground when being lowered in as the template (this gravel acts as a soak away for debris & rain water over the coming years).
  4. Mix some firm cement (or post mix) and have some large size stones (normally taken out of the hole whilst digging) available. 
  5. Lower the Post or Bollard into the hole (ensure the anchor pins at fitted into the base where supplied), raise the top section which now gives you an edge to hold and more importantly to use for keeping the post level.
  6. Level the post up (using large debris saved from the dig) and drop firmly mixed cement or post mix into the hole to about 200 mm from the top).
  7. Remember to keep checking the Post or Bollard is level.
  8. If you are installing into tarmac, you might want to top up the hole with Tarmac repair mix.
  9. Allow the cement to fully dry before using.  
Please Note: We recommend these posts should not be installed in locations with a high water table or where large volume of water collects !!

 We have different Telescopic Posts & Bollards available, please see an overview table below of a few models:


Post Height Above   Depth Below Ground  Top Section Diameter Lock Type Top Section Finish  Lifting Weight
TP-80  600 mm 805 mm   80 mm Padlock  Galvanised with Reflective Strip or Plain  8 Kilo
TP-100  550 mm 770 mm  100 mm  Padlock   Galvanised with Reflective Strip or Plain  9 Kilo
TP-120s  535 mm 760 mm 120 mm Padlock  Galvanised with Reflective Strip or Plain
TP-200Y  480 mm 650mm  90 mm  Top Integral  Bright Yellow Powder Coating  7 Kilo 
TP-200B  480 mm 650mm  90 mm  Top Integral  Black Powder Coating  7 Kilo 
TP-200SS  480 mm 650mm  90 mm  Top Integral  Stainless Steel  7 Kilo 
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