Wi-Fi CCTV Camera's (IP) 

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These IP (Wi-Fi) CCTV Camera's can be viewed & controlled using a Smart Phones & Tablets.

These IP (Wi-Fi) CCTV Camera's can be viewed & controlled using a Smart Phones & Tablets.

You can log into and control these Wi-Fi (IP) CCTV Camera's using a Smart Phone or Tablet from any where in the world, supplied with access to Free APP's making the initial setting up far easier than it has ever been in the past, no need to understand how to change your settings in your Router.

The Camera's are powered by plug in transformers and connect to the Router with Wi-Fi.

Although they have been on the market for a few years now, it is the advent of Smart Phones & App's that now make it a viable proposition for the mass markets, you do not need to be an 'IT' expert now to carry out the installation.

The Installation methods obviously vary slightly between different manufacturers, but they follow a similar principle shown below:

  • Upload a Free APP.
  • Power the Camera up near to your Wi-Fi Router.
  • Connect the Camera to your Router with a LAN Cable.
  • Log onto the APP.
  • Follow the on screen instructions, you will need to know your Wi-Fi code to your Router at some time during the process.
  • After successfully following the set up instructions, you would disconnect the Camera from the Router & Power supply.
  • Install the Camera in the desired location (within range of your Wi-Fi).
  • Log back onto the APP to view & control.


Some of the Camera's will have the ability to Records (either onto the Camera, Phone or Cloud's) if you want this function, some will be able to send 'Push' notifications to your phone (if movement is detected), some will send you Emails and some will give you two-way communication and the possibility of moving the Camera via your Phone or Tablet.

Most of the CCTV Camera's will also have night vision.

The Camera's can be purchased with different sized Lens, which relates to how focused (narrow) a view may be, an example of this would that a 3.6mm Lens gives a typical view of 72 degrees, a 6mm Lens gives a 43 degrees view and a 12mm Lens gives a 22 degrees view. 

So a board overview would normally be a Lens of around 3.6mm, more narrow views would be 6mm of more.

These functions can be checked out before you make a purchase. 

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