Wireless Gate Open Alarms 

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Wireless Magnetic Gate Open Alerts & Alarms designed to monitor your Gate.

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Wireless Magnetic Gate Open Alerts & Alarms designed to monitor your Gate.

This selection of Wireless Alerts/Alarms have been designed to inform you if your Gate is Opened, they can activate the following when the Gate is Opened:

  • A Buzzer inside the House (up to 800 metres away).
  • A Siren inside the House (up to 800 metres away).
  • An External Siren (could be set for only certain times of the Day).
  • A Flashing LED.
  • Telephone Call to Key-holders.
  • Text (SMS) Message to Key-Holders.

Ideal for applications where Beams will not be suitable due to People or Animals being present !!

They can be used on all types of Gates including Entry Gates, Front Garden Gates, Back Garden Gates or Pedestrian Gates.

They comprise of a Battery Powered Magnetic Switch & Magnet, both parts would be fitted onto a gate and gate post or frame. When closed both the switch and magnet would be close to touching, when opened they would part & transmit a signal back to an Receiver (inside a house or office) or a Wireless External Siren.

The Transmission Distance varies from 100 metres to 900 metres (line of sight) depending on which system has been chosen. 

The Receivers will also vary depending on which system has been chosen, ranging from a Chime (to alert you), a loud Siren, a Telephone Call or even Text Message. 

When choosing the best Wireless Gate Alert/Alarm for your needs, please consider the following:

  • Transmission Range: what distance do you have between the gate & receiver, what obstructions, walls etc is there between the two locations.
  • Receiver: what do you want the receiver to do when activated, you may wish for multiple options to cover different times of the day.

So when the Gate is opened you can now have a Chime inside the House, a Bell or Siren on the outside of the House, or a Telephone Call to you and other key-holders. The Wireless Gate Alarms can often be used in different ways at different times of the day to suit your own application.

If you can't find the ideal solution, please contact us, as we may be able to build a system to suit your needs.

These systems can also be used on External Doors to Garages & Outbuildings.

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