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MMS CCTV Invisible Flash Portable Outdoor Recording Camera & Protective Cage (C60-NV12MMS)

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Compact battery powered (fully portable) CCTV Camera will record onto an SD Card but also send MMS Pictures to your mobile phone & email, ideal for remote locations that have no power, or for rapid deployment temporary installations, supplied with a Steel Security Cage.

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This compact battery powered (fully portable) Covert CCTV Recording Camera will record video or pictures but is also able to send MMS Pictures to you, and is ideal for remote locations that have no power, or for rapid deployment in temporary installations, often used by councils and police as the camera has no visible flash to the human eye.

The Camera can send a MMS Picture or Text Message to 2 Mobile Phones or Email when movement is Detected by the built in PIR's whilst at the same time continuing to Record onto the SD Card, this snap shot can give you a clear verification of a Person (not a false alarm) to call the Police or Security. 

Supplied with a Heavy Duty Steel Security Cage & locking Padlock !!

The Camera has a host of features including:

  • Battery Powered (solar panels can be added).
  • Security Cage Available.
  • Records Video or Photos when movement is Detected.
  • Can be set to Automatically Arm & Disarm at given times of the Day.
  • Has 3 x built in PIR Movement Detectors (side & front).
  • PIR's can be adjusted (high, medium or low) or turned OFF.
  • Day & Night Vision.
  • 12 MP Quality.
  • 20 metre Day Vision.
  • 10 metre Night Vision.
  • Totally Invisible Night Flash (to the human eye).
  • Time & Date Stamps.
  • MMS Functions.

The camera automatically records the video & pictures onto a SD Card (8GB Supplied, supports up to 16GB) when the built in PIR's detect movement, the images can be viewed on the camera screen or by placing the SD card into a computer. The length of video, quantity of pictures, quality of pictures and more is all fully adjustable in the simple programming mode. 

You can select between 5 - 12MP picture quality, obviously 12MP gives the best quality whilst 5MP reduces card storage, the camera has full night vision (with no visible flash) and records in colour during daylight hours and black & white during the hours of darkness. 

There are 3 built in PIR's (which have an adjustable detection range up to 20 metres) to ensure fast picture response, the two side PIR's are designed detect movement before the object in directly in front of the camera, these can be switched off in programming if needed.

The camera is powered by standard 8 x AA batteries, and will operate up to 12 weeks (depending on usage).

The camera supplied with the Security Cage can be mounted either in a visible location (but still out of easy reach) or in a covert location, the Security Cage can be attached firmly to a Wall or Post using large screws from within, it is supplied with a Padlock to lock the Camera inside.

You will need to use a standard sized SIM Card (PAYG or Contract) to operate the MMS Functions (not supplied). 

Used widely to record Crime, Anti-Social Behaviour and Wildlife 

*Please Note: I Phone Not Included*

CCTV Power Supply Battery
CCTV Connection Stand-alone
CCTV Live Viewing MMS Picture (not live)
CCTV Indoor-Outdoor Outdoor Camera
CCTV Real-False Real CCTV

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  • 1 x C60 NV12 MMS Camera.
  • 1 x Steel Mounting Cage & Padlock.
  • 1 x Mounting Strap.
  • 1 x 8 GB SD Card.
  • 1 x USB Cable.
  • 1 x TV Cable.
  • Size of Camera: 135 (H) x 90 (W) x 70 (D) mm.
  • Size of built In screen:  50 (W) x 45 (H) mm.
  • MMS Function: Yes (images to 2 mobile phones and 2 email accounts).
  • Text Message Function: Yes.
  • Sim Card Supplied: No.
  • SD Card Supplied: Yes (8 GB, supports up to 16 GB).
  • Night Vision: Yes (no visible flash).
  • Night Vision IR Detection: 10 metres.
  • PIR Motion Detectors: 3.
  • Adjusatble PIR Sensitivity Levels: Yes ( high/normal/low).
  • Picture Colour: Colour (day time) Black & White (night time).
  • Picture Response Time: 1.0 s.
  • Adjustable Camera Delays: 1 second to 60 minutes (selectable).
  • Video Length: 1 to 60 seconds (selectable).
  • Timer Switch: On/Off Time Lapse (programmable).
  • Picture Time Stamp: Yes: (selectable).
  • Power Supply: 4 x AA or 8 x AA Batteries (8 recommended).
  • Image Quality: 5 or 12 Mega Pixels Colour CMOS (selectable).
  • Maximum Pixel Size: 2560 x 1920. 
  • Power Consumption: 150 m/A: (+500m/A when IR-LED Operated).
  • User Interface: TV Out (NTSC) Computer (USB) SD Card Reader.
  • Fix Method: Strap (supplied).
  • Operational Temperature: -25 C to + 70 C.
  • Protection: IP54.
  • Memory: Supports SD-Cards up to 16GB.
  • Video Size: 640 x 480 or 320 x 240 (selectable). 
  • Lens: F=3.1: FOV=52: Auto IR Cut-Remove (at night). 
  • Preperation PIR Detection Angle: 100 Degrees.
  • Shot PIR Ange: 35 Degrees.
  • Timer: ON/OFF (selectable).
  • Password: ON/OFF (selectable).
  • Device Number: Yes (selectable).
  • Periodic Shot: 1 second to 24 hours (selectable).
  • Certificate; FCC & CE.
Steel Mounting Box Specification:
  • Material of Case: Steel.
  • Colour of Case: Black.
  • Size: 170 (H) x 110 (W) x 70 (D) mm.
  • Mounting Method: Chain through Existing Side Holes or drill suitable fixing holes in the rear panel (or a combination of each).

* Please Note: Using the Camera on a 5 MP setting and a 2 GB SD Card, you can store over 3,500 images