Face-to-Face consultation.

Some customers really do not know what system they need for their particular situation, and find it much easier and more beneficial to visit us for a face to face consultation.

Security Consultation

These visits allow the customer to describe the problems they are facing, the layout of their premises and grounds (often made much easier by drawing a simple layout on our white board), and these details in turn make it much easier for us to make honest recommendations.

The visit also allows us to explain how various system work, and how they would be operated in a day to day situation which can be really useful for the customers.

Our advice will always be as honest as we can make it, sometimes recommending cheaper systems than the customer had in mind, sometimes more expensive, sometimes we will even tell customers we cannot help on this occasion, but it will always be honest advice.

If you decide to purchase a system during your visit, we can on most occasions have the goods prepared for you whilst you wait, if the system is more complex we can ship the goods out to you on the following day. 

We do ask for customers to make an appointment for these consultations due to the fact that we are talking about your security, and this needs to
be done privately. 

The consultations are available between Monday - Friday 8.30 am - 4 pm, please call us on 01604589414 to arrange.

A screen has been installed for the safety of our Visitors & Staff.