Long Range Wireless 2500 Bell System 

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Unique Long Range Wireless Bell Systems, with a class leading 800 metre working range, ideal for when other systems cannot work.  

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Unique Long Range Wireless Bell Systems, with a class leading 800 metre working range, ideal for when other systems cannot work.  


Our selection of Wireless Bell Systems was designed following countless requests from customers looking for a wireless bell system for there Home or Business that actually works at the specified working range (and beyond), they are used in many applications, examples listed below:

  • Warehouses.
  • Hotels & Large Homes.
  • Automatic & Manual Locked Gates.
  • Home Offices.
  • Factories & Schools.
  • Farms & Rural Shops.
  • Kennels & Catteries.
  • Monasteries & Churches.   
  • Care Homes & Hospitals.
  • The list is endless.


These Wireless Bell systems can be utilized to suit nearly any type of situation, ranging from a simple door chime to activating loud sirens, bells or flashing lights & even triggering telephone auto-diallers.
The system can be used in two main ways, depending on this distance needing to be achieved with the Wireless Transmission:
  1. It can be used together with the Dakota 2500E Wireless Receiver (part number 004-0550) & weatherproof Universal Wireless Transmitter which has a built in Push Button (part number 006-0300) for distances of around 400 metres (line of sight). This weatherproof transmitter has a large built in Push Button making it very easy & quick to install (no cables to put through the wall). Due to the fact that this method normally means the push button would be located on the far side of a brick pier, stone wall, wooden post or brick wall we would recommend not using it over a distance of 400 metres.
  2. The most popular method is to fit the same Wireless Transmitter (part number 006-0300) on the back of the pier, post or wall and connect it to a chosen Push Button located on the front of the same pier, post or wall using a short length of bell cable. The benefits of using this method are:
    • Stronger & better looking Push Button for the visitors to find (some push buttons can be embossed with 'Please Ring').
    • Far better Wireless Range (because you have immediately taken out one of the biggest obstructions for the Wireless Transmission to pass through). 
    • Wireless Transmitter hidden away from Vandals.
The Universal Transmitter is battery powered and fully waterproof, therefore making it very easy & quick to fit.
There is a selection of Push Buttons that can be used from Ultra Secure including:
  • Chrome.
  • Brushed Silver.
  • Brass.
  • Heavy Duty with large Red or Green buttons.
  • Heavy Duty 'please ring' Logo or Symbol.
  • Stylish.
Or you can use existing push buttons already fitted to your property, or one you have seen that suits your property, they just need to have a volt free N/O output (which most do).
There are two types of Wireless Receivers available with this Wireless Bell System:
  • 4 channel Internal Wall or Desk mounted Receivers (part number 004-0550), packed full of features including ON/OFF button, Full Volume Control, 12v DC Output, Dry Output Relays. 
  • Portable Compact Pager (part number 004-0460) which includes Audible, Visual & Vibration notification methods together with an Event History Log.
There are no limits to how many receivers are used with any one system, a combination of both types of receivers can also be used at the same time, multiple transmitters and push buttons can also be used.

 A large percentage of our Long Range Bell Systems are used in conjunction with a louder Siren or Bell which will notify you of a Visitor whilst you are away from the Receivers, the duration is adjustable & the options are numerous including the examples listed below:
  • Wired Bell (part number 006-0330, very popular with warehouses).
  • Wired Siren (part number 004-0240).
  • Wired Flashing Strobe Light (part number 004-0270, popular in noisy environments).
  • Wireless Sirens (part numbers 004-0920 or 005-0710, popular when you need the Siren to be mounted onto a totally different building as to where the Receiver is fitted).
  • Or a combination of any of the above.
These systems are ideal, if you have tried the short range models and found them intermittent at best, then these systems will be worth looking at, if you have a specific requirement or you are not sure if they will work for you, then please contact us for Friendly, No Obligation Advice !!
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