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Door Alerts, Alarms & Customer Flow Control.

Door Alerts, Alarms & Customer Flow Control.

Ultra Secure Direct have a wide selection of Wireless Door Alerts & Alarms designed for use in Business premises and the Home.

You may be needing to know when a visitor arrives at your Business, therefore you will need one of our Wireless Door Alerts, you may need to know if a Fire Door (which cannot be locked) has been opened.

We have recently designed simple Wireless Door Control Indicators which are designed to help business owners control the flow of customers into their premises following the new guidelines working around Covid-19.

These are a cost effective way of a member of Staff being able to manage how many Customers are allowed inside the premises without losing the same member of Staff to standing at the Door all day.

It also helps you protect the member of Staff who you could potentially be placing in danger as they would be exposed to many different Customers each day, often wearing no PPE.

Please Contact Us if you would like to discuss your application.

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