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2 x Camera Wireless CCTV Systems, ideal DIY Home CCTV Systems. 

2 x Camera Wireless CCTV Systems, ideal DIY Home CCTV Systems. 


Our Wireless 2 x Camera CCTV Systems can be used with three different types of Cameras:

  • Outdoor Camera with 20 metre Night Vision (the most popular).
  • Outdoor Camera with 5 metre Night Vision (ideal for small areas or areas where there is some lighting in place).
  • Indoor Wireless Cameras.

You can mix and match the Cameras to make a system to suit your application.

The Cameras are powered by plug in transformers, but connect to the Wireless Monitor by a secure Digital Wireless signal.


We have two types of Monitors that can be used, both have the key features which are:

  • Clear & Secure Digital Wireless Signal.
  • 300 metre Wireless Range (line of sight).
  • You can mix & match types of Camera's (between the three).
  • The Monitor can record onto two Memory Devices:
    • SD Card (up to 32 GB).
    • External Hard Drive (up to an amazing 1TB via an USB Port).
  • Simple & Quick to Install.
  • Monitor Battery Back Up (for approximately 30 - 40 minutes).
  • 9 Language Options (English, German, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese).
  • 7 inch Colour Monitor.
  • Single or Quad Viewing.
  • 3 methods of Recording:
    • Manual.
    • Scheduled Timer.
    • Movement.
  • Adjustable settings on Camera PIR (to get most suitable recording for your environment). 
  • Built in Alarm on Monitor (allows you to monitor for intruders on chosen channels).
  • You could connect a TV or larger Monitor to the Screen if required using an AV Port.

Then the only difference between the two Monitors is that one (Network Monitor) can be connected to your Internet Router (by the LAN Cable supplied) allowing you to have full access from your mobile Phone using a Free APP.

A further two Cameras could be added to the systems at a later date.

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