Stand-Alone Battery Covert 4G GSM UltraDIAL Alarm

Experience peace of mind with our UltraDIAL 4G GSM Stand-alone alarm systems. In the event of an intrusion, the UltraDIAL 4G promptly relays the alert via call and/or SMS, regardless of the alarm signal source. Stay informed with detection notifications no matter where you are. This system offers a convenient and reliable way to safeguard your property whether it’s a house, apartment, business, retail space, or vehicle providing you with confidence and security.

UltraDIAL 4G stand-alone covert shed & garage alarms

The Standalone Covert UltraDIAL battery powered 4G GSM Shed & Garage Alarm which can be used to protect your Shed or Garage, it can be safely hidden away from damage and will contact key-holders by Telephone & SMS if triggered, used with Wired Contacts or Wireless Sensors & Sirens.


The UltraDIAL Covert 4G GSM Dialler is powered by 3 x AA Lithium Batteries (although it can be powered by a plug in transformer for locations where a power socket is available) and is supplied with a N/O & N/C Input together with being able to communicate with various Wireless accessories, it will contact key-holders by Telephone & SMS.

It is also weatherproof so being fitted into a cold and damp Shed, Garage or Barn will be no problem.


It has built in N/O & N/C inputs allowing you to use Wired Door Contacts, Wired Pressure Mats etc, but can also be used with Battery Powered Wireless Detectors & Sirens including:

  • PIR's (with built in Siren).
  • PIR's (with a rubber hood).
  • Magnetic Door Contact (with or without a Siren).
  • UltraPIR (should you want a Silent PIR).
  • Indoor Wireless Siren.
  • Outdoor Solar Siren.

It is Armed & Disarmed using Remote Control from up to 100 metres away, and can be Disarmed by Telephone if you are being called.

The 4G UltraDIAL Dialler will contact up to three Key-holders (with your pre-recorded message) by Telephone & SMS (although you can choose to turn off either off) once activated, it can be fully disarmed by pressing # on the Receiving Telephone or reset (therefore stop calling other key-holders but remain fully armed) by pressing * on the Receiving Telephone.

It can be programmed to send the primary key-holder a status report at 9am every Monday morning (this can be turned off).

Additional Remote Controls can be added allowing all key-holders access to the building.

The secret of using the UltraDIAL is to hide it safely away in a location where an Intruder wouldn't even know it is there, it will silently go through it's dialling process to contact key-holders whilst other devices (if chosen) can make all the noise.

It will also contact the primary key-holder if the Battery level is starting to get low.

The UltraDial GSM Alarm Host is designed as a Covert Alarm, and we recommend is it hidden safely away from sight and reach allowing it to silently contact key-holders without the Intruder even being aware.

The UltraDIAL Alarms are now 4G, these Alarm Panels are used in conjunction with a SIM Card, and will contact owns by Phone & Text when triggered, they also allow the owner to Arm & Disarm by using their own phone from anywhere in the world. These 4G Alarms are backward compatible which means they can also operate on 3G + 2G if the 4G signal fails.

Ideal for use in all types of Sheds, Garages & Outbuildings.

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