DA600+ Wireless Garden & Driveway Alert

For over 15 years, we have delivered reliable and practical products. The DA600+ is a simple Wireless Garden & Driveway Alert system with solar-powered PIR sensors and a plug-in chime receiver. The wireless range is up to 600 metres, ideal for gardens or driveways. The weatherproof, solar-charged PIR sensors have a 15-metre detection range. They offer three sensitivity settings and support up to 32 sensors, each triggering different chimes. The receiver plugs into a wall socket, features 4 volume levels, and has 35 chimes. Contact us for more advice.

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The DA600+ is a very simple Wireless Garden & Driveway Alert, which has one or more Solar Powered PIR's & a Plug in Chime Receiver.

The Wireless operating range between the PIR's & Receiver is 600 metres (line of sight), which equates to around 200 - 400 metres in most applications, more than enough for many Gardens or domestic Driveway.


The weatherproof PIR's are powered by a built in Battery which are charged & maintained by a top mounting Solar Panel, it has a 15 metre detection range and with an elongated designed detector to help avoid detecting small ground animals.

The ideal position for mounting the PIR is around 1.5 to 2.0 metre from the ground, aimed level (not towards the ground).

The PIR has 3 sensitivity settings to suit most applications.

You can choose to use up to 32 PIR's with any single system, each PIR could trigger a different chime on the Receiver. 


The Wireless Receivers simple plugs into a 3-pin wall socket and will chime whenever a PIR detects movement.

They have volume control (4 levels) and 35 different chimes to choose from, allowing you to have a different tune for different PIR's.

The Receiver can be used with up to 32 PIR's.

This is a very simple Alarm or Alert ideal for many standard Gardens & Driveways, please Contact Us should need Advice.

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