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Help protect Staff whilst they are operating your Forklifts with simple Wireless SOS Button Systems.

Help protect Staff whilst they are operating your Forklifts with simple Wireless SOS Button Systems.

Staff operating Forklifts can often be operating them in a Warehouse or Yard on their own or with multiple Forklifts in operation making them a noisy environment.  

There are various types of Forklifts operating in the typical Warehouse or Factory environment including Counterbalance Forklifts, Reach Trucks, Telehandlers, Side Loaders or order Pickers to name a few, but they all have the same potential for your member of Staff needing Help.

It is not unusual that a Forklift has some type of accident, whether it be:

  • A box falling on the roof.
  • Being partially stuck to a racking system where they know they should not move until assistance is at hand.
  • Being unable to safely move due to Ice or getting into an uncomfortable angle.
  • A Pallet starting to fall apart at the wrong moment.
  • Feeling ill due to a sudden medical emergency. 
  • Forklifts having to navigate Warehouse or Factory entrances which are also used by other Forklifts or Personnel.  
  • The list is endless !!

As an employer, you have a duty of care to help protect staff in all parts of the business including Staff operating the Forklift, you may have just one Forklift that is used perhaps once or twice a week in a Warehouse next to the office, a single Forklift operating in a Remote Farm Building (often with other staff working in different locations), or you may have multiple Forklifts operating in a busy warehouses, thought needs to be given should Help be required.

Ultra Secure offer a range of Wireless SOS Alarms to cover many applications, we can also build bespoke SOS systems upon request.   

The SOS Alarm Systems normally involve:

  • A Battery Powered Portable Push Button on the Forklift or Person (additional buttons can be used for other Forklifts).
  • Some customers add one or more Wall Mounted SOS Buttons just in case their is a Witness who is not in a position to Help.
  • Various Wireless Receivers that can notify work colleagues that Help may be required, this can be in the form of:
    • One or more wall mounted Sirens or Flashing Strobes (or both).
    • Desk mounted Chime unit.
    • Solar Powered Outdoor Siren.
    • Portable Pager.
    • Phone Call.
    • Text Message.

The products listed within this section can all be used to help safeguard your Forklift Drivers, if bespoke systems are required we are very happy to discuss your particular requirements and try to come up with solutions.

The Wireless operating range between the Push Buttons and Receivers vary from 100 to 800 metres (line of sight) which equates to around 50 to 500 metres in most Industrial applications, but we do have Signal Extenders available on some systems (please Contact Us should you need to Discuss).  

All the systems are built in house and simple sent to you via courier for very simple DIY Installation, full technical support is always available for before or after the Installation.

Please Contact Us to Discuss !!

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