4G Water & Flood Alarms 

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4G GSM Water & Flood Alarms.

4G GSM Water & Flood Alarms.

A selection of 4G Water Alarms designed to contact key-holders by Telephone & Text message in the event of a Water Leak or Flood being detected.

You can still choose to use a selection of Sirens or Flashing Lights in the event of an activation, but it is highly likely that a Flood would happen at a time when no one is on site, by the time it has been found the damage could be extensive.

If you can see a 4G Panel that suits your requirements, but think you want a different type of Water Detector, please contact us as we can probably adapt a system to suit your needs.

Most of the 4G GSM Control Panels are powered by 12v DC in the form of a Plug in Transformer (supplied) but it is possible to power many panels via a large Battery. These Batteries would need to be charged weekly or connected to a Solar Panel.

They communicate using a SIM Card (Contract or PAYG).

Ideal for remote locations, or locations that are not manned 24 hours.  

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