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Selection of Wireless Solar Powered Kits which include a single set of Detection Beams,

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Selection of Wireless Solar Powered Kits which include a single set of Detection Beams,

Size of Solar Powered Perimeter Beams

Even though this selection of Kits only include a single set of Solar Powered Beams, we can still add all types of additional accessories to build a Perimeter Alarm System to suit your application, these accessories may include:

  • Additional Beams (of all sizes).
  • Additional Wireless Receivers.
  • Auto-Diallers.
  • Sirens.
  • Buzzers.
  • Flashing Lights.
  • Speech Alerts.

If you need Help choosing, Please ASK !!

Don't forget the principle of D.T.R when working out what you may need to build your system, please see below:

D = Detection:

  • We have three different sizes of the Wireless Solar Powered Detection Beams (1B, 2B & 3B).

All sets of the Beams have built in Dual Detection Technology which works by having a pair of Detectors (set 60 mm apart from each other) on each Beam, both Detectors have to be breached simultaneously to create an activation, allowing small animals, insects, leaves & debris to safely pass by. There are a pair of these detectors on each size of Beam, so these 1B Beams have one pair of detectors, the 2B have two pairs whilst the 3B have three pairs, each pair of detectors work independently of each other resulting in the 3B Beams having three chances to detect an Intruder.    

The Beams also have an additional Charging Port which can be used to give the Beams a boost charge should you experience a lengthy duration of low sun light, or perhaps one of the beams needs to be fitted into a slightly covered location, to do this you can use a Plug in Transformer or special Re-chargeable Battery Pack.

They are very easy to install as they have a built in Red Glow Light (for easy lining up).

You can use up to 128 sets of Beams with this Receiver & 32 sets should you decide to add a Solar Wireless Siren (part number 004-2810).

T = Transmission:

  • The Transmission between the Beams and Receiver is an impressive 900 metre (line of sight) which can be doubled by using a Signal Repeater.

R = Reception:

  • When the chosen Detector triggers your Receiver, we have various options available, these include:
    • Internal Sirens.
    • External Wired or Wireless Sirens.
    • Telephone Calls.
    • Text Message.
    • Flashing Lights.
    • Our a combination of any of the above.
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